Dark Purple Hair Looks Like The Midnight Sky

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Need proof that dark purple's the new shade-of-the-moment? We found the best visions in violet (and eggplant, and indigo, and amethyst...) for inspiration to show your colorist, below.

Long, Sleek & Shiny

ishonest No.501 - Frizzy Hair

No.501 - Frizzy Hair

A subtle, deep-berry hue is perfect for natural brunettes. In any case, a texture that's so sleek & shiny it hurts will always be a great way to show off the dye-job. (Start here for our favorite shine-enhancing serums.)

Relaxed Tint

Bright-hued hair is definitely a look. If you’re feeling cold feet, test out the purple waters with a warm plum tint like this one. It’s fail-safe, and the relaxed, tousled style works flawlessly with the warm hue.


How stunning is this ultra-saturated hue? Pick a neon color if you're feeling bold, and style it with soft waves and a top-knot. (Just make sure you have the right shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair to avoid any and all fading, because this color's too gorgeous to get dull.)

Beach Waves

Now that's how you do beach waves. A mixture of blue and deep purple combined with tousled, textured layers, and you'll be the next cool-girl-on-the-block. (And even if you don't take the plunge into purple hair, you can still attain the perfect beach waves like these ones.)

Bright Curls

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Short, ultra-saturated coils will always make a statement—and they work for any hair length. You can keep it closely cropped in the summer months and let it grow (with or without touching up your roots) when you're ready.

Extra-Voluminous Braids

If you have big natural volume, embrace it with a cool-yet-subtle color to match. You can style it in a variety of ways, but leaving the coiled curls untouched is a look totally worth copping. Find the best ways to care for color- treated curls here.

Bordeaux Beauty

Try a deep burgundy tint if you’re a little nervous to take the plunge. It’s still statement-making and stylish, but slightly more subtle than a neon hue with its reddish undertones. We can’t guarantee you won’t eventually be inspired to go bigger and brighter, though.

Layered Lob

A layered long bob with darker roots and a mixture of blue-and-purple shades isn't for the faint of heart, but it's worth the risk. Of course, dark roots give you more freedom to grow out your hair without worrying about scheduling slip-ups, which is always a good thing for low-maintenance beauty lovers. Cool- girl color, right this way.

Tousled & Touchable

ishonest No.181 - Post-Sun Exposure

No.181 - Post-Sun Exposure

Pair a deep sangria tint with blunt bangs and tousled curls for a style that's both universally flattering and effortlessly chic. (Here’s how to get your locks as shiny as hers.)

Rich & Subtle

If you have brown or black hair, take your natural color and expand on it with an equally dark shade of purple. Tip-dye or grow out your roots—either way, you’ll end up with red carpet (or business conference)-worthy options for styles that still exude subtlety.

Going Streaking

Still a little intimidated? Ease into the trend with dark purple streaks of various tones throughout. If you have a lighter natural hair color, you can try more delicate and sparse ones—but we love the look of brown hair with bold violet highlights.

Side-Parted & Sleek

How sleek is this bordeaux-colored hair paired with a middle-part? The hue says “I’m unpredictable,” but the middle-parted styling says “I’m polished, too.” Just make sure you have the right deep-conditioning masks for your color-treated hair, and a good hair straightener too.

Wispy Ends

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We love a long bob with blunt, wispy ends enough as it is. Add in a dusting of dark, saturated purple throughout, and you have yourself a lewk.

Violet Ombré

Put your own spin on ombré by adding splashes of color. Ask your colorist to start dark at the roots and go more saturated towards the end—and the good news is, if you struggle with fine hair, this look adds the instant dimension and volume to otherwise thin locks. We're obsessed.

Black Cherry

Try a long, blunt ends to show off your hue if you have naturally straight, easy-to-style hair. The side part and sleek curls give the color a softness—in case you still want your boysenberry hue to work for big meetings.

Rainbow Bright

A perfectly coiffed long bob is gorgeous enough as it is, but add in a handful of multidimensional shades, and you'll be turning heads and getting compliments left and right. With blue undertones and purple swirls of color, this is a professional-level color job. (Aka, don't try this at home.)

Purple Pixie

ishonest No.161 - Uneven Skin Tone

No.161 - Uneven Skin Tone

A closely cropped violet 'do might be our dream hairstyle. Peep the way the color is only applied to the longer pieces on the top of her head—the perfectly cool contrast to the natural, short sides.

Purple Braids

Purple ombré braids are the perfect noncommittal way to get started on the purple-hair trend. Keep your roots natural and try out extensions and voil —you can test out the look, no strings attached.

Slicked-Back Bob

An ultra-rich hue styled with a side part and sleek, straight pieces? Yes, please. A color this bright will require more maintenance and touch-ups, but we think it's worth the commitment.

A Dash of Pink

Turn your naturally dark hair into a rainbow-bright dream with an out-of-this- world ombré. Ask your colorist for natural roots, combined with streaks of amethyst and peaks of pink throughout.

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A toned-down, voluminous bob can be otherwise retro or old-fashioned looking— but as soon as you add a purple tint, your style will be so-right-now. Note how the roots stay dark, which provides the perfect contrast to the deep-purple tone throughout.

Tonal & Tousled

Go for a multifaceted shade of plum for a badass final product. Face-framing wisps combined with kinky waves (get the look here!) pairs perfectly with the unexpected color.

Just Braid It

Proof you don’t have to go all-out with one monochromatic shade. Take a cue from this beauty and do natural strands complemented by multifaceted violet and blue braids throughout.

Subtle Reverse Ombré

Try saturated roots and natural-looking ends for a chic, reverse ombré look. The rich magenta hue paired with a wavy, tousled style is perfect if your hair texture allows for low-maintenance, woke-up-like-this styles. Find more totally effortless hair ideas here.

Bright & Ombré

We’re obsessed with the look of a bright-hued ombré. Note how towards her roots, the color skews natural-looking, then transforms into ultra-saturated indigo throughout her beach waves.

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