Curtains Hair is BackHere's How to Get It

Here are 30 images of past and present curtains hairstyles that'll make the masses swoon.

Meet the Expert

Andrea Jaclyn is the co-founder of BOMANE in Los Angeles.

Sal Misseri is the owner of Reverie Salon in Chicago.

Andrea Hans is the owner of Broome Street Society in New York City.

Shaggy Curtains

Getting that extra-long, perfectly weighted curtain length could take some time. “Embrace the grow out!" says Jaclyn of this overgrown cut. "Keep your hair parted down the middle to begin training it into the curtain style.”

Low Maintenance

When you're a K-pop superstar like BTS's J-Hope, your busy schedule may not permit for a high-maintenance hairstyle. "The curtain style has that ‘undone’ vibe and has more range in lengths," says Misseri. "One can easily go 8–12 weeks between cuts, depending on how fast their hair grows.”

Short and Tight

Even if your hair falls on the shorter side, you can let some of it fall forward to emulate that curtain-style flair. "Men’s curtain styles come in many lengths," says Jaclyn. "Start playing with it and let it do its thing."

Rinse and Go

Longer men's hair can sometimes dry out much more easily. “So shampooing daily isn't always necessary," says Hans. Regardless of your daily perspiration, Hans suggests simply rinsing instead of shampooing. "You can restyle (with less product) and not overdry or overwash your hair."

Curls Galore

The great part about curtain styled cuts is that any length and any texture can wear it well. To lock your curls into a curtain style, Jaclyn suggests adding a bit of curl cream to enhance the texture.

Interior Shaping

Curly hair looks great in a curtain style, but it still requires some special attention to upholding its texture and shape. "Personally, I think the curly version is cool," says Hans, "but it could feel like a lot to someone who isn't used to all of the volume on top." Her advice: "Make sure to schedule your cut with a stylist who knows how to create interior shape. This will make daily styling easier for you."

Subtle Moves

If your hair is struggling to get into that perfectly face-framed curtain position you're hoping for, comb your strands forward while wet and place some no-crease clips to help the hair hold its new placement. Use your hands to scrunch in some texturizing serum throughout as it air dries for subtle, natural-looking movement. You'll be sporting curtain-perfect hair like BTS member SUGA in no time.


When your parents are David and Victoria Beckham, we can only imagine you'd have some seriously fashionable influence over your life (hairstyles included). We love the way Brooklyn wears his wavy curtain cut cropped up high with an effortless and unofficial parting draped across the forehead.

Extra Movement

Adding extra movement, or keeping natural movement intact, is a small feat to face. "Simply apply product to towel-dried hair and use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to distribute the product evenly," says Misseri.

Perfectly Piece-y

If you're looking to add a little texture to your style, Jaclyn suggests using Davines' This Is a Forming Pomade. This will give your waves that perfect "piecey-ness and hold."

Dreaded Drape

Iann Dior proves our point with this dreaded curtain-style drape: no matter what your length, hair type, or texture, a curtain worn look is destined to suit you well.

Lock It In

When you have curly hair like Jack Harlow, you know that locking in moisture is key to locking in the perfect curtain style 'do. To do so, Hans suggests, "Use an anti-humidity leave-in product on towel-dried hair before you leave your house for the day, such as Davines’ OI All in One Milk.”

Blended Shape

Growing out your hair isn't a hands-off process. It still takes some regular maintenance and a few touch-ups to give it a little help on its way out. While it's much less maintenance than a shorter cut, Hans says, "it's still important to do regular neck trims or clean-ups. After about two clean-up appointments, you'll probably need a whole haircut to re-create the allover shape.”

The One-Sided Curtain

Zayn Malik proves that even if you have a stubborn, or preferred, side parting, you can still rock that curtain-heavy look by letting that long length up top fall forward to frame your face.

K-Pop Craze

Some boy band requirements just don't change, and over the past four decades, it's safe to say that curtain hairstyles are up there, along with catchy tunes, of course. Nearly every member of the biggest K-pop boy bands are carrying out the look fashionably, like Lucas from Super M seen here.

Invisible Parting

When your hair is always waved and curled to perfection, not even a major gust of wind can show much of a parting glimpse. Noah Centineo's lust-worthy mane always falls down in a perfectly centered drape when it has length, but that parting seems to remain hardly visible through all his natural movement.

Train Your Hair

Without a natural center part, it may take some hair training. Hans suggests using a tail comb to adjust the part while your hair is still wet. And if you suffer from fine or flat strands? "Add a texturizing dust to the roots once your hair is dry, and use your fingers to work in at your scalp and create that natural-looking lift."

Combing your hair while it's still wet into the desired parting with your styling product will help train it to naturally fall into that new placement.


Maybe you have a natural middle part like Adam Driver but prefer to wear your long, lengthy curtain styled 'do off to one side. The overdirected strands do add a lustful amount of volume.

Flipped Out

With some hair types, their waves only shine through once it reaches a certain length, and flipping out may be a part of the grow-out process. But those curves and flips can give you a signature look that's all your own. Embrace it.

Keep It Clean

When to shampoo and condition is a big question when you have more hair to work with than you're normally used to. Misseri advises washing whenever it feels heavy or oily, which of course will greatly depend on your scalp health and lifestyle. "If your hair and scalp is dry, you will wash less often. For thicker, coarser hair, condition every time you shampoo. For finer hair, I would condition only every few shampoos.”

Weightless Waves

Longer lengths can sometimes weigh down a curtain-worn cut if it isn't cared for properly. When it comes to conditioning, Jaclyn advises, "use a lightweight conditioner like Davines’ DEDE Conditioner to ensure your hair will not be weighed down and lose volume."

Tucked In

Some curtains need tie backs, and some curtain hairstyles need a good tuck behind the ears. Not everyone likes hair in their face, we get it. To keep your length from falling drab, Hans says, "Comb the front away from your face on both sides of the part, so it will create that C shape naturally as it dries.”

Noteworthy Favorite

Johnny Depp has long been a fan of lengthy cuts, but the curtain style on him circa the early 2000s is one of our favorites to date.

Straight and Smooth

Misseri's style tip for straighter hair types that want to wear this look? “Wash and blow dry," he says. "I find if you leave too much moisture in straight hair it can go from wet to greasy-looking very quick. By removing moisture, you will keep the texture and have a better-looking curtain style.”

Timeless Trends

If any hairstyle has been deemed fashionable enough for David Beckham to wear, we know it's going to repeat itself in time. This hair icon has basically been a trend forecaster throughout the decades.

Matured Mane

The curtain cut and style was a signature look for early and mid-’90s young Leonardo DiCaprio. Before he began polishing his hair back for every red carpet appearance, he wore a dapper young curtain cut. Here, he pushes it all to one side as he matures from his classic bowl-cut style.


If Brad Pitt, the king of all Hollywood heartthrobs, wore a perfectly fallen curtain cut for years, is there any more convincing we need to do as to why this look is still in style? We think not.

No End In Sight

In an ode to the old Dawson's Creek theme song, we don't wanna wait for this trend to be over. Thanks to Gen-Zers, we don't see that happening anytime soon.

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