Curly Cuts for Winter 2021

A Side of Volume

"This look is great for winter hair wear because it never goes out of style," shares Waajid. Even when you pair this look with a hat or a scarf you still get some flair and fun from the volume.

The Tapered Bob

For a style that is easy to maintain and looks good, opt for the tapered bob. "I love the get up and go vibe about this look," exclaims Waajid.

The Big Chop

"I love this look because it's a great cut," affirms Waajid on Logan Brown's hairstyle. "You don't have to do much and your winter big chop always looks good!"

Get Buzzy

The opposite of going big is going bald — which gives an equally bold look. And who does bald better than The Walking Dead star Danai Gurira? "I've always loved the unspoken statement of confidence [from] a woman rocking the shaved look; especially during the cold months of winter," reveals Waajid. Don't forget to have a hat and scarf on hand, while you may look hot, the temperature is still cool.

Tapered High Top

If you aren't a model, you can still look like one by snagging Victoria Secret model Maria Borges' tapered high top. Waajid comments, "This look is great for winter. It is simple to care for and ready for get up and go action. Add some cute earmuffs and a scarf for a total winter naturalista look that will be stunning."

Pixie Updo

For a versatile style that can go from the sidewalk to a runway, opt for a pixie updo. "This look can easily be dressed up or down and will look great when rocking your favorite jeans, a business look, or a formal evening gown," states Waajid.

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