Copper Hair Color Ideas that Would Make Anyone Want to Go Red

A few months ago, Joico colorist Mark Mileti described copper hair to us as the sassier sister to auburn and as the brighter and bubblier sister to burgundy. It's a super-warm, rich tone that comes with a bit of a zing, like a copper penny. As far as red hair colors go, it's one of our personal favorites.

But there isn't just one version of copper hair—there are shades that lean browner or blonder, and there are even shades that are more monochrome or more dimensional.

Copper Hair

Choosing a Shade: "There aren’t particularly different 'shades' of copper, but your colorist will guide you in how light or dark or intense your copper should be," says Tiffanie Richards, master colorist at Nunzio Saviano in New York City.

Maintenance Level: High. "This color is typically done as a single process making the grow out a straight line," notes Richards.

Goes Great With: All complexions. "Copper tones can honestly look great on anyone if done correctly," says Richards.

Similar Shades: Midlight red, auburn, strawberry blonde

Price: $150+ "If this is a change from a previous brunette or blonde color, it can be a little more costly," notes Richards.

If you're thinking about warming up your hair color, we know you'll definitely find the right copper shade for you below.


Rihanna has rocked many fabulous red shades, but we are particular fans of this natural, copper-meets-auburn take. Paired with a wine-colored lip and gold hoops, this shade is accessorized to perfection.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is famous for trying just about every hair color under the sun, and each shade always seems to suit her naturally. This bright copper is no different and perfectly balances with her peachy skin tone. This hue would be perfect for those transitioning to red from a golden or strawberry blonde.

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn stuns with a deep copper color and bouncy ringlets. The vivid, almost-red-velvet undertones are so decadent and bold; we want to try it ourselves!

Lily Cole

Unbelievable but true: This vibrant hair color didn't come from a bottle. Lily Cole is perhaps our ultimate copper-born muse, with bright, dramatic loose curls looking fit for a classic Renaissance painting.


This rich monochrome copper is at the top of our hair wish-list. Zendaya can always be trusted to sport cool hair, and this vivid shade and cropped style complement her armored outfit.

Copper is an extremely versatile red, according to Richards. "For darker, more olive skin tones I recommend going a little deeper with the color, incorporating some brunette in the formula," he says. "Lighter skin tones will benefit from lighter- to medium-colored copper tones."


Known to try out various shades (have you seen her cinnamon-hued style?), SZA doesn't shy away from a vibrant tone and offers up some major hair inspiration with her gorgeous copper afro.

Emma Stone

While bright copper may be Emma Stone's signature look, it's actually not her natural hair color! Stone is a blonde, and while we apologize for bursting your bubble, the good news is that you too can create this rich, red look with the help of a trusted stylist.

Hoyeon Jung

Model Hoyeon Jung sported a tomato-copper shade with a dark root at Rag and Bone's Spring 2017 runway show. Jung was the only model in the show to rock this hue, resulting in a stunning and welcomed surprise on the runway.

Isla Fisher

To keep your copper as shiny as Isla Fisher's, whose hair is truly blinding (in the best way possible, of course), try a color-enhancing deep conditioner like dpHUE's Color Boosting GLOSS+ Deep Conditioning Treatment in Burnt Copper ($35).

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes refers to this color as "Strawberry Feels," and yeah, it's safe to say that we're feelin' it. Subtle with a kick, this charming style warms up a room and has us contemplating scheduling a touch-up sooner than usual.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is known for her signature deep copper hair, especially how it complements her jade green eyes.


We can't get over Lizzo's fabulous deep, coppery color on her curly shag. A tint like this could be achieved with a semi-permanent color on certain hair, in case commitment to a whole copper head is too much for you.

Our Lady J

Matt Rez, one of ishonest's favorite colorists, is best-known for his signature 4D Blonde, but he's also obsessed with doing impressive shades of red. He's even perfected the complex 4D Red! Rez is also a celebrity hairstylist to some of our favorite redheads and perfected this low ponytail on Our Lady J, who has a chic and subtle copper ombré.

Tyra Banks

This rich '90s red with a brown undertone complements Tyra Banks's skin tone, burgundy lipstick, and full ringlets. We're here for all of it.

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain is one of the natural redheads we should all keep in mind when envisioning the ideal copper hue. Bring this picture to your colorist if you're going for a soft, summery shade that's positively radiant all year long.

Irene Kim

Influencer Irene Kim is constantly changing her hair. We love this faded take on copper, which is more on the orange side of red.

"Using a professional line that is for color-treated hair is a must," says Jill Buck, Joico celebrity colorist. "A shampoo like Joico's Color Infuse Red ($17) will keep your hair shiny and bright until your next service."

Hayley Williams

Paramore singer Hayley Williams has been blonde for a while, but she will always be known for her signature flame-red. Here, she sports a deeper copper penny color paired with a whole lot of texture.

Ayesha Curry

This darker, nearly burgundy red looks stunning against Ayesha Curry's medium tan skin tone. "Copper is also a very fun gloss color for brunettes," notes Richards.

Girl Wilde

Nine Zero One Salon colorist Lindsey Neavitt is responsible for this beautiful spiced copper shade on musician Girl Wilde. It appears to be all one color from a distance, but look closer, and you can see that carrot highlights have been applied over a deeper base.

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg's plummy copper braids are a fresh take on a classic hair color.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner's bronzed copper crown braid is so regal. "Using a moisturizing conditioner (or mask) regularly and avoiding any oils should keep the color at its most vibrant," says Richards regarding at-home maintenance. "Also, if you’re using hot tools, definitely reach for a heat protectant." We like Ouai Heat Protection Spray ($28).

Issa Rae

Issa always stays close to her natural, dark color and uses color to add dimension, like she's done here with this subtle, all-over copper wash.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams' toned-down copper locks are stunning next to her dark green satin top. Richards calls copper "the best shade of red for hair color" because of how natural it can look.

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