Cool It, Baby! How to Flaunt a Cool Skin Tone

If you have a cool skin tone, the hand placed on the silver fabric will look pinker and healthier. If you are a warm tone, the gold will bring out the best hand. You can also determine your skin tone by holding a number of different colors of fabric near your face to see which shades are the most flattering to you. Good color choices will result in attention being drawn to your eyes, a smoother appearance to the skin, and a healthy and vibrant complexion. If you see these positives when you hold up shades of blue, pink and lilac, you are definitely “cool.”Cool skin tones also tend to fall into a few general categories, although none of these guidelines is a hard or fast rule. Overall, cool gals will look better in silver or white-gold jewelry, and will wear shades of pink and fuchsia well. Natural hair color is usually light brown, blonde, red or brunette, and eyes are green, blue or gray. Cool complexions are often naturally pale with rosy cheeks, and the veins you can see under the skin have a blue tint to them. If these characteristics apply to you, and you passed the cool color test above, you can safely assume you are a cool skin tone and plan your makeup, hair and clothing appropriately.

Getting the Right Hair Color You see your friend sporting the perfect hair color, but when you tried the same shade for yourself, it came out all wrong. It may be that your friend was flaunting the perfect shade for a warm skin tone, and your cool complexion just couldn't take the heat.For those who get the perfect hair color from a bottle or salon, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the right shade to complement a cool skin tone. It's not about whether to go blonde or brunette, since any color can come in warm and cool hues. It's about choosing the shades that fall on the cooler side of the spectrum, such as violet-based reds or any color with the word "ash" in it. Some hair colors will let you know right on the box whether they are a cool or warm shade, and your stylist can offer you a hair color that will flatter your cool skin tone. For highlights, go for white, platinum and cocoa accents that will brighten your complexion perfectly.

Makeup for Cool Skin Tones Mirror, mirror, on the wall; who's the fairest of them all? You are, if you know how to apply makeup to that fair complexion of yours. The right makeup shades will make the difference between a radiantly cool complexion and one that looks washed out and tired. Begin with a pink based foundation that will coax a rosy glow out of your skin. Follow that application with a sweep of rose or plum blush across the cheeks and berry, rose, mauve or plum lipstick on your mouth. Eye shadows come in a broad spectrum of colors, from icy blues, violets and greens, to soft pink, lavender and lilac pastels. Cool tones can also wear the frosted eye shadow shades with finesse. Think jewel tones for this skin color – sapphire, amethyst or emerald – and avoid the earthy hues anywhere on your face. Finish off with a coat or two of navy or grey mascara, since black is often a bit too bold for this type of coloring. For more makeup shades for cool skin tones, check out for a complete color chart based on your complexion.

Clothing for Cools You may have the perfect hair color and makeup shades for a cool skin tone, but it won't have the right effect if you don't finish off your look with a wardrobe tailored just for cools. When shopping for clothing, it works best to divide women with this coloring into two specific categories: summer cools, who are generally blondes and brunettes with a light eye color (think Cameron Diaz); and winter cools, such as Courtney Cox, who usually sport darker hair and eyes with their fair complexion. Women with summer-cool skin tones will look best in soft hues of blue, mauve and lavender. Just about any pastel shade will do, although neutrals can also be worn well by this type of coloring. To avoid looking pale and washed out, stay away from black, orange and earth tones. Winter cools can go a little bit darker in their clothing colors, sporting shades of black, navy blue, red and bright pink. Go for true white instead of ivory, and stay away from earth tones, orange and gold. These color suggestions are certainly not hard and fast rules, so you don't have to bid your favorite olive green shirtdress farewell just because you realize the two of you are not compatible.

One way to wear your favorite colors that don't appear on the cool chart is to sport them farther from your face – wear a pair of brown pants, for instance, with a bright white shirt, or olive green shorts with a pink tank top. Once you begin wearing the proper colors for your complexion, you may find that you like the results so much it will inspire you to gradually shift the majority of your wardrobe to the most flattering colors for you.Looking your best doesn't have to be about buying the most expensive products or designer clothing. The first step should be to determine what type of skin tone you have and choosing colors of hair, clothing and makeup around your complexion. By wearing the most flattering shades, you will find that your skin appears smoother and your eyes shine brighter. It's as easy as checking a color chart to find out what all the cool chicks are wearing, and following suit with the prettiest colors for you. Think cool and let your inner diva shine through.

What Is Your Hair Color Personality?Is the redhead inside of you just dying to get out? Choosing hair color involves more than a simple trip down the beauty aisle of your favorite drugstore. While you may have the sense to select a hair color that matches you skin tone, do you have the good sense to match it to your personality? Take this quiz and find out!

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