Cool Hair Clips and Barrettes for Every Style and Texture

These days, while the hair clips that have been trending are in many cases equally (if not more) glittery and colorful than decades ago, they've definitely evolved. They're adorned with pearls, fashioned in resin, and some of them quite literally make a statement rhinestone-encrusted ones, no less. At this point, hair clips have become so popular that it can be a bit daunting to figure out where to start if you're looking to get in on the trend. But that's why you have us.

Unsure how to style yours? Hairstylist Justin Marjan says to use your facial features as a guide. 'For example, around the face for higher placement, place along the same line as your eyes or eyebrows', she tells ishonest. 'If placing behind the ear, place along the same line as your cheekbones.'

Ahead, some of our favorite hair clips we've found on the internet, which you're sure to love.

Lelet NY Gemma Clip

The beauty of a hair accessory: 'It changes a look completely without any skill level required', says hairstylist Justine Marjan. Play with bold colors and shapes like this Lelet NY Gemma Clip, which features a rectangular shape and either classic pearls or colorful rhinestones.

Area Crystal Bow Clip

As dazzling as this Area Crystal Bow Clip looks here, the picture does its beauty little justice. This clip is actually oversized seven and a half inches long to be exact and shines bright when any bit of light hits it. Wear the piece on a pulled-back ponytail or make a grand statement holding back hair that's been swept to one side.

Jennifer Behr Iris Pearl Headband

If you're really working against the clock getting ready, a delicate, embellished headband like the pearl Jennifer Behr Iris Headband has the power to make even bedhead look like it took hours to style.

Gucci Crystal Hair Clip

We'd expect a Gucci hair clip to scream opulence, and its Crystal Hair Clip doesn't disappoint. Embedded into an ivory resin base is an assortment of various-sized sparkling crystals with gilded double G's anchored in the center. On the backside of the barrette is a sturdy duckbill clip, which easily slides into any hair texture.

Kov Essentials Cloud Clip

Claw clips are an accent that, in the right finish, can elevate your hairstyle in the simplest of ways. Not only is the accessory ideal for holding thicker textures in place or gathering up bundles of longer hair, but as this Kov Essentials Cloud Clip points out, practical can be extra-pretty, too.

The Hair Edit French Twist Clip

At first glance, you may be wondering exactly to use this shiny contraption. Well, The Hair Edit's French Twist Clip is easy-breezy. Ideal for hair that isn't dense, this accessory holds a rolled section of hair in place using tiny teeth at the base. Twist hair against your head into a roll and then stick this clip into the side to secure.

A New Day Metal and Chain Bobby Pin Set

Generally, chains don't read as delicate or glamorous, but when they're coated in gold atop slender bobby pints, they do. A New Day's Metal and Chain Bobby Pin Set takes a basic hair tool and gives it a fancy touch to dress up any hairstyle. Try stacking these all on one side of your head for a shiny side- swept look.

Planet Goody Mini Butterfly Clips

Not only are these baby claw clips an instant throwback to the '90s, but Planet Goody Mini Butterfly Clips are good for the earth, too. Part of Goody's line of sustainable hair accessories, these accents are made from plant-based materials but are still sturdy enough to hold up in a range of straight and curly hair textures.

If you weren't old enough to try the butterfly style when they first became popular, you're in luck because the trend has made a comeback. 'They're great on short hair a super-sweet throwback that's great to add when you can't seem to get your short hair to behave', says Los Angeles-based hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein. 'Clip the front away from the face by twisting into a few mini jaw clips.'

Bellefixe Ibiza Collection Metallic Stone Large Clip

The iridescent metallic glass stones on the Ibiza Collection Metallic Stone Large Clip by Bellefixe glisten in the light and give off just the right amount of bling. It's large enough to hold a hefty top knot in place or it can make a single bold statement when worn parallel to a deep side part.

Kristin Ess French Pin Set

Kristin Ess's French Pin Set Rose Gold is more than just a classic accessory to keep hair off your neck. You can also use this two-pack to create heatless texture. Before bed, wrap your hair in a high or low bun and secure it with these pins. In the morning, just take it down and shake to reveal a soft wave.

Fibs and Fables Cleopatra Hair Clip Set

There's a lot to love about the Fibs and Fables Cleopatra Hair Clip Set. The larger art deco-style clip features a textured gold-plated crinkle design that's accented with a faux pearl at the tip. And then there's a smoother, smaller gold accent pin, also with a wavy texture, which can be worn alongside the bigger one or on its own.

Misho Katana Hair Clip

The criss-cross, blade-inspired design on the Misho Katan Hair Clip is curved on both sides, so it hugs hair rather than lying flat. Try it as a pretty accent around a low bun or a messy top knot.

Deborah Pagani Large Chain Hair Clip

If you need a fun style suggestion for this simple but chic Large Chain Hair Clip from Deborah Pagani, Marjan recommends twisting or braiding two pieces from the front and connecting them at the back of the head with a clip. The chain- link embellishment on this clip comes in three other color options: silver, rose gold, and black.

Brinker & Eliza Say My Name Barrette

This barrette has your name written all over it. Actually, though. Brinker & Eliza's Say My Name Barrettes come in three colorways and are made with your name (or someone else's) rendered in mother of pearl, flanked by two gold-plated brass cowrie shells.

Madewell Mini Hair Clips

'I love a barrette to hold back a low half-pony', says Rubenstein. 'I think it's especially cute on a shorter bob, and also pretty when it's a bit imperfect with some strands falling loose.' These Madewell Mini Hair Clips come in a set of two and are perfect for styling exactly as the stylist recommends.

Tasha Crystal Jaw Clip

Another pro tip from Marjan: If you have textured or longer hair, 'try using larger pins or accessories so they are able to hold more hair without falling or getting lost', she says. 'Twist pieces back before pinning for additional hold and support.' This Crystal Jaw Clip by Tasha will do the trick and definitely stand out.

BaubleBar Slim Custom Hair Clip

Can't find your perfect clip? Customize your own personal hair clip with BaubleBar's Custom Hair Clip. With eight different color combinations, topping off with a name or phrase up to nine characters, you're guaranteed to find (or should we say, create) the perfect hair accessory. After all, in 2021, more is more.

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