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Between those daily video catch-ups and nightly television binges, many people are looking at screens more than ever. And that’s not ideal for skin. This AHA/ BHA peel helps reduce dullness and visibly smooths your complexion. And you won’t even need to pencil this peel into your schedule: Just put it on before you sleep, and it’ll go to work overnight, letting you wake up to glowier- looking skin.

This tinted moisturizer was made for working from home: It’ll add a touch of dewy coverage for video calls, but it’s so lightweight that you won’t feel like you’re wearing a full face of makeup. The ingredient list includes black currant, peony flower root extract, and vitamin C, all of which help enhance skin brightness to give you that effortless glow. (Bonus: The moisturizer also includes SPF 20 protection.)

This radiance-boosting, citrus-scented oil features two key ingredients: omega- rich marula oil to help with hydration, and antioxidant vitamin C for a visible boost of brightness. You can use it daily to help revitalize dull skin, making it look like, you know, you’re fresh as ever.

A soothing way to apply Beautycounter’s oil is with this Mount Lai tool, which gives you the added benefit of an at-home gua sha facial massage. Think of it as a DIY spa treatment that you can get without leaving the house: The massage technique can help reduce puffiness, relieve tension — yes please — and increase circulation.

We’ve all been washing our hands more, and the constant scrubbing can lead to dryness. Soothe your hands (and your whole body) with this calming balm. The balm turns to a feel-good oil as you rub it between your hands, and a blend of argan and avocado oils help soften the skin. Bonus: it smells like monoi, a gardenia-meets-coconut scent.

Give yourself a 10-minute reprieve with this charcoal mask, which helps clear up oily, congested skin. A mix of kaolin clay and activated charcoal helps draw out impurities, while salicylic and lactic acids help exfoliate and visibly minimize pores. Put on the mask, then take a breather by reading a book, doing a guided meditation, or any other small act of relaxation.

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