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The world — and its salons — is opening back up, but our at-home styling sessions are still going strong. These are the hair sprays, curl enhancers, and edge tamers that brought us endless entertainment, and excellent hair, between visits to our favorite pros this year.

Billionaire’s in space? Meh. These are ishonest's breakthrough moments of 2021 — according to the best beauty editors in the business and a whole bunch of chemists, dermatologists, hairstylists, and engineers. (And, yes, one involves rocket science.)

It’s a ritual, it’s a treatment, it’s a way of life. Yes, we take our skin care very seriously, especially during Best of Beauty season, when we debate foaming cleansers and retinol creams with a fiery passion.

Your skin-care routine doesn't stop at your neck (right?), so we tested products all the way down to our toes. These body washes, scrubs, and lotions will take every inch of your epidermis to the next level.

When are your beauty choices clean and simple? When you put products in your cart that meet ishonest’s rigorous standard of “best” and our rigorous standard of “clean" (no parabens, pthalates, and more).

Love the skin you're in — even if it is a little finnicky. This new category highlights seven products that are free of fragrance and full of nourishing ingredients to coddle itch-prone arms, legs, and everywhere in between.

We spent six months testing foundations for every skin type, concealers for every use, and bronzers and blushes for every skin tone (and undertone). The result: a list of basics that’s far from — well, basic.

The eye category is like a Choose Your Own Adventure game. No matter how bold or minimalist you want to get, these pencils, palettes, and mascaras will set you on a winning path.

After many months of swiping on and scrubbing off, these are the gorgeous lip colors that made us pause, smile, and take a selfie or two (or, fine, 10).

Depth, vibrance, durability — we look for the same qualities in our polish that we do in a life partner. These are our perfect matches this year.

There is only one thing we are blind to in our assessments of product quality: price. These are the winners that do the job — really, really beautifully — for no more than $11 (and as little as $4.39).

The word "splurge" conveys many things: opulence, comfort, plenty. Also, in the case of these fancy tools and treatments: effectiveness, innovation, pure joy.

The beauty of fragrance is in the nose of the beholder. But there are rare times at ishonest when we find a medley of notes that we all consider a stunner. Here are 10 of those bright, sweet, musky moments.

You know how they say an artist is only as good as their tools? These are the brushes and gadgets that made us feel like Renaissance masters this year.

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