Exclusive: Saint Jane's New "C-Drops" Combine CBD and Vitamin C for Brighter Skin Without Irritation

Georgeson says she's always developed redness and sensitivity when using potent vitamin C products, which is why this serum is a game-changer since the CBD in the serum simultaneously soothes irritation. "I passionately believe in high concentrations of CBD—our Luxury Beauty Serum is one of the highest on the market—so I approached The C- Drops the same way, pairing 20% Vitamin C with 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD," she says.

We got ahold of the serum before launch and found it to be light enough to easily layer underneath your favorite moisturizer or face oil; unlike the brand's Luxury Beauty Serum (which is really a face oil viscosity), it feels lighter, more serum-like, and easily incorporated into your skincare routine in the morning and night. The price tag isn't cheap—$90 is enough to make anyone think twice—but Georgeson says the serum is different from other vitamin C serums on the market for a good number of reasons. Firstly, the product, which Georgeson calls “fresh-squeezed skincare, bottled," uses glycerin-encapsulated vitamin C meant to enable the nutrients to go deeper into the lower layers of the skin. "By encapsulating the active C in glycerin, it more seamlessly communicates with your skin’s own lipid structure," Georgeson explains. "This form of vitamin C, plus Ferulic Acid, allows for fuller absorption of the nutrients. The glycerin also effectively reduces oxidation, which allows the vitamin to retain its nutrients longer."

Even if you're a CBD skincare skeptic, you can't deny the powers of vitamin C, AHAs, and ferulic acid—all ingredients that have been proven to benefit the skin. And since CBD has been proven to have anti-inflammatory effects, it makes sense to think that this serum could be a new holy-grail for anyone who wants the benefits of vitamin c, but might have experienced sensitivity to it in the past.

Either way, we're predicting it won't take long for this fresh-pressed serum to reach cult status too.

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