Hair Dryers for At-Home Blowouts that Look Professional

In an ideal world, we’d be getting a professional blowout every day at home, by our on-call stylist, followed by a massage from our in-house masseuse. But we digress. The point is, for most of us, regular blow-outs just aren’t a thing. And no matter whether you’re attempting to recreate a salon-worthy blowout in your own home, or just want to get your hair dry, a good blow dryer is invaluable. Your options are endless, from basic drugstore buys to high-end models boasting all the bells and whistles imaginable.

Ahead, the best blow dryers out there, with something for every haircare need— and every budget.

Best Overall: T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer

This is definitely one of the pricier tools of the bunch, but well worth the investment. Among some of the noteworthy features: Five heat and two speed settings, a switch that allows you to turn the ionizer on and off depending on how much texture and volume you want, and an automatic pause sensor that stops the dryer when you release the handle. It’s been a mainstay in our haircare routine for years (with no signs of wear and tear), which should make you feel a bit better about shelling out the big bucks.

What Our Testers Say

"If blowouts are your jam, this dryer is an upgrade you won’t regret," she said after testing this product. "It's an investment that'll end up saving you money over time." — Ashley Rubell, Product Tester

Best Luxury: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

For those ready and willing to invest some big bucks in a hot tool, this is the one to purchase. The brand known for creating the Rolls Royce of vacuums has done the same with the blow dryer, pretty much entirely upending the category. This high-ticket tool has all kinds of techy features, think a sensor that measures the temperature 40 times per second to prevent heat damage and a high- velocity jet of air for faster drying. The motor sits in the handle, making it extremely lightweight, and it’s also super quiet; it’s not surprising that so many pro stylists love it.

Best for Thin Hair: Remington Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology

Thin and fine hair is naturally prone to more breakage and damage, and the truth of the matter is that daily drying can only further exacerbate the problem. Enter the beauty of this choice, which has crushed pearls infused into the barrel (stay with us here). Heat-activated technology transfers micro- conditioners through the airflow, so that hair stays extra smooth, soft, and silky.

What Our Testers Say

"My hair was softer and smoother in mere minutes." —Ashley Rubell, Product Tester

Best for Frizzy Hair: Wazor Infrared Hair Dryer Ceramic Ionic Blow Dryer

Like we said, ionic technology is a great choice for tamping down errant frizzies. These days, you can find it in almost every dryer out there, but this one deposits even a higher amount of ions than other dryers to completely smooth your strands. There are also three heat and three speed settings, allowing you to customize exactly what you need based on your hair type and texture.

Best for Curly Hair: DevaCurl DevaDryer & DevaFuser

As any curly-haired girl will tell you, blow-drying is a little bit of a different beast when your hair isn’t straight. This set comes with two devices. There’s a more traditional type blow dryer with all the features you need. But what’s really worth calling out here is the unique hand-shaped diffuser that scrunches curls to keep them intact and fluffy, but never frizzy.

Best for Natural Hair: Rusk Speed Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

Natural hair, which tends to be thicker and coarser, often requires a bit more heavy lifting when it comes to blow-drying. Whereas many blow dryers top out at 1800 or 1875 watts, this is even more powerful, coming in at 2000 watts. It also uses far-infrared heat to speed up dry time, always a good thing when you have thicker hair.

Best High Speed: Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer

The motor on this guy is 50% more powerful than that of standard dryers, meaning you can go from wet hair to dry hair in less than 10 minutes. (Still, the motor also somehow manages to use 75% less energy than others, go figure.) It also uses volcanic rock minerals to help completely seal the cuticle of the hair for maximum shine and smoothness. Again, go figure.

Best Lightweight: Varis Hair Dryer

If you don’t particularly feel like turning your styling routine into an arm workout, try this blow dryer. Despite the fact that it is a full-size, pro- grade, 1800-watt dryer, it weighs less than just one pound. We also appreciate the extra-long, 14-foot power cord, and the fact that it’s super quiet.

Best for Blowouts: Drybar Buttercup Blow-Dryer

Admittedly, all of these blow dryers are great for at-home blowouts, but this one really takes the cake. (After all, who better to come up with a dryer great for blowouts than a major blowout bar?) It lets you score an ultra- smooth, frizz-free style, fast, and even comes with two different concentrator attachments to customize airflow.

Best Brush: Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer

This hot tool hybrid has somewhat of a cult-like following, and for very good reason. The oval-shaped brush simultaneously dries and styles your hair, thanks to a combo of ionic technology plus both nylon and boar bristles. It delivers just the right of smoothness, volume, and bend at the ends.

Best Drugstore: Conair InfinitiPro Quick Styling Salon Hair Dryer

Another excellent—and very affordable—choice, this boasts a pro-level AC motor. It also has ionic technology to combat frizz and keep hair smooth, as well as ceramic technology for even heat distribution. Also nice: It comes with both diffuser and concentrator attachments.

Best Ionic: CHI Touch 2 Dryer

Ionic technology is choice for helping to smooth out hair and keep it frizz- free, though sometimes it can make fine hair a bit too flat. That’s why we appreciate that this fancy pants pick features a touch screen design that lets you control the ionic element, dialing it up and down as needed. The touch screen also lets you adjust the speed, temp, and even the cool shot button.

Best Travel: amika Mighty Mini Drye

Forget relying on those dinky, mini dryers in the hotel bathroom or locker room of the spin studio. Pack this portable pick to ensure a good blow dry anytime, anywhere. It’s small enough to easily fit into any suitcase or gym bag but still packs as big of a punch as its larger counterparts. Plus, it comes with two equally-portable attachments and a convenient travel pouch.

Best for Extra Shine: GHD Helios Professional Hair Dryer

The latest from this big-time hair tool brand boasts a special new kind of aerodynamic technology, which makes for not only a faster dry time but also up to 30% more shine. The unique contoured nozzle also results in smoother and more even airflow, so hair stays in alignment. Translation? Extra shine. The array of five fun colors it comes in is just the icing on the cake.

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