Dry Shampoos for Oily Hair that Will Zap Grease

A good dry shampoo is an invaluable haircare product for most people who are on- the-go, but for those with oily hair, it’s essential. A few sprays can make all the difference. Dry shampoo will help you cut back on the amount you'll have to wash your strands weekly, and it's also the easiest way to quickly refresh your style (and add texture and volume, too). The point being, particularly if you have oily hair, having a good dry shampoo at the ready is non-negotiable.

Read on for the best dry shampoos for oily Hair

Best Overall: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo

This staple earns rave reviews time and time again, largely because it’s truly unlikely any other dry shampoo out there. It actually cleanses the hair, thanks to the brand’s Triple Action Cleaning Technology and Patented Healthy Hair Molecule that ensures the powders first completely whisk away dirt, oil, and sweat, and then helps you fully brush out those powders. It also touts time- released odor neutralizes and a light scent that keeps your mane smelling nice and fresh all day long, not just immediately post-spray.

Best Volumizing: Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo

Going above and beyond its oil-absorbing call of duty, this dry shampoo instantly sops up grease at your roots but also imparts a major root boost at the same time. (So much so that we even like using it on freshly-washed hair simply for said volumizing benefits.) Best of all, it feels totally weightless and doesn't leave behind any of the tell-tale residues that can come with some other dry shampoos.

Best Non-Aerosol: Billie Floof Dry Shampoo

Non-aerosol dry shampoos, like this one, a favorite of ishonest Commerce Editorial Director Jessica Mahgerefteh, are the perfect choice for a super targeted application (think applying directly onto the roots where oil first crops up). The bottle boasts a teeny-tiny pinhole to disperse the ideal amount of the formula, which features oil-absorbing baking soda and rice starch plus strand- strengthening biotin. (Not to mention that it also comes in versions for both brunettes and blondes.) Plus, how cute is the bottle?

Best Antioxidant-Rich Formula: Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo

Breaking news: Antioxidants aren’t just good for your skin. They offer similar benefits for your strands, helping to safeguard them from environmental factors (UV rays, pollution) that can both affect the strength and health of the hair and also cause color fading. This formula touts both vitamin C and a proprietary strengthening complex which helps absorb excess oil right from the get-go.

Best for Blondes: Verb Dry Shampoo for Light Hair

Yes, this absorbs excess oil and imparts a nice boost of volume. But it goes even further, thanks to the addition of glycerin to impart softness plus a subtle purple hue (don’t worry, it disappears upon brushing) that also enhances and refreshes blonde tones by counteracting brassiness. Multi-tasking for the win.

Best for Brunettes: Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

As anyone with dark hair will tell you, the biggest drawback to many dry shampoos is a chalky residue. Happily, that’s not a concern here, given the subtle brown pigment of the powder that blends in seamlessly on any darker hair tones. Aside from that, it’s also a great refresher all around, relying on both corn and rice starch to help rid the hair of excess dirt and oil, plus scalp- soothing oat milk.

Best for an Extra Oily Scalp: Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo

If your scalp and hair are next-level oily (we’re talking you can’t go a day without washing kind of oily), this pick is your new BFF. It contains the requisite ingredients to immediately refresh the hair and scalp—namely, purifying charcoal—but has the added benefit of containing witch hazel and bamboo extracts to help balance oil production in the future.

Best Natural: Acure Dry Shampoo

Boasting a minimal, squeaky clean ingredient list, this formula is also vegan and cruelty-free. At work is a combo of cleansing ingredients—corn starch, arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, and baking soda—that quickly and effectively refreshes hair, plus organic rosemary and peppermint essential oils that leave behind a refreshing feel and invigorating scent.

Best Soothing: IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo

Those who have not only an oily but also an irritated scalp should try this pick, a favorite of Dotdash Editorial and Strategy Director Kathryn Vandervalk. Charcoal powder lifts up both oil and any other excess build-up on the scalp, while white tea powder helps soothe the scalp. As an added benefit, it also imparts a delightful cooling sensation, making this a nice option to reach for after a hot and sweaty workout, too.

Best Power: Bumble and bumble Bb. Pret-a-Powder

Powder dry shampoos are a boon for anyone who wants extra oil-absorbing prowess since they tend to go on a bit more concentrated. We love this universal fave because it works equally well on all hair types and textures, and also adds lots of volume and texture. It's a true styler and dry shampoo hybrid.

Final Verdict

Dry shampoo is unequivocally a must-have for anyone with oily hair. The Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is a universal fool-proof pick, boasting a unique technology that really works. The Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo is another great affordable option that also adds plenty of fullness. For those who prefer non-aerosol formulas, we like the Billie Floof Dry Shampoo and the Bumble and Bumble Bb. Pret-A-Powder.

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