Holiday Makeup: How to Glow and Sparkle At Your Next Party, According to Kim Kardashian Wests Makeup Artist

Festive season is upon us, and for those keen on a little glow and sparkle, a well-honed holiday makeup look is a must. Given that there's every excuse for a little extra shine, smoke, and, yes, sculpt, who better than the reigning king of contour Mario Dedivanovic to be our guide for a scene-stealing look?

"It's that time of year where you can really have fun and feel more confident trying something new and different," says Dedivanovic of executing a deliciously daring holiday makeup strategy. "You tend to be a little bit more bold and playful." Here, the pro behind Kim Kardashian's preternatural glow reveals his holiday party-ready tricks and techniques, from crafting a perfect canvas to executing his signature "soft sculpting" and "lip lift" techniques.

Activate a Luminous Glow

After prepping the skin with a veil of emollient moisturizer, such as Tatcha's Dewy Skin Cream, to keep makeup set for longer, Dedivanovic suggests upping the wattage for a look that "glows at night" by tapping Elizabeth Arden's balmy Eight Hour Cream onto the center of the lids or lips for an "extra bit of glossiness." For a natural luminosity, use a featherweight liquid foundation like the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation or something even lighter like Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer that will blend seamlessly into the skin for subtle, nearly imperceptible coverage.

Sculpt and Highlight Imperceptibly

"Now that everyone knows how to contour and it’s become part of their everyday beauty routine, people are realizing that you can achieve a sculpted look with a lot less makeup,” says Dedivanovic of pioneering his "soft sculpting" technique. To apply bronzer, use a tapered contour brush and a powder formula that's not too warm or red-toned like Dedivanovic's Makeup by Mario Soft Sculpt Bronzer. Start slightly above the hollows of the cheeks, then "blend upward to subtly lift the skin and add some warmth," instructs Dedivanovic. "This will create a natural sculpt." Then, add a wash of contour on the eyes for an overall more "natural, monochromatic" effect. For highlighting, Dedivanovic recommends wetting a highlighter brush before dipping it into a powder highlighter, such as his Soft Glow formula, and applying it evenly and softly on the high planes of the face so that it builds for a "melted" effect. "Instead of the product sitting on the skin, it feels like it's a part of it," says Dedivanovic.

Smoke the Eyes Effortlessly

"When I think of the holiday season, my mind goes straight to creamy metallic eyeshadows you can apply in one swipe," explains Dedivanovic, whose Master Metals eyeshadow palette pigments can be transformed with a few drops of his pro mixing liquid to create a molten, liquid foil effect. If you're partial to powder, wet one or more of the bold, shimmering shades from holiday party- ready The Nudes 3 palette with a brush and blend into lids to smoky effect. Alternatively, when using eyeliner, rim the upper and lower lash lines with an eye brush to blend out the lines for another "instant smoky eye."

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