Ciara's New Afro is Her Stay-At-Home Style Yet

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Being pregnant during a pandemic is far from easy, but Ciara is doing her best to enjoy this unique moment. The singer has gone mostly makeup-free during these last few months, but she has switched up her hairstyles a few times, like when she traded in her long, wavy blonde hair for a straighter waist-length, bleach- blonde style in late May. Now, she's switching it up again, with a full and huge afro.

Ciara's new afro is “Thicc” with a capital T. Her hair is picked out into the most perfect orb and full of all the kinks and volume. While it might be the work of a really good wig (give us the details Cici!), as per usual, she is doing everything that needs to be done with this hair.

To match the voluminous afro, she is wearing a soft-glam look with bronze shimmery shadow on her eyes. Her brows are groomed to perfection and not one hair looks out of place. Her nude-brown lip pulls the look together.

Through the pandemic and her pregnancy, Ciara has literally been glowing in every picture she's shared. But the journey hasn't been easy. In an interview with British Vogue, the singer shared what this lockdown has looked like for her as a mother of two young children with another one on the way. Despite her fears while visiting the doctor and the extra exhaustion that comes from trying to keep her kids occupied, she said, "I always ask, ‘How do I make the best of this moment?’ That’s always been my attitude when you go through adversity."

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