Christie Brinkley Skincare Review

Where to Buy Christie Brinkley Skincare

Anyone interested in where to buy Christie Brinkley Skincare products can order them directly from the website, or from a number of third party retailers, such as or eBay. However, anyone looking to purchase these products directly from the company is encouraged to find third party Christie Brinkley Skincare reviews online, as no reviews are available on the company website.

In addition, if you purchase the manufacturer’s products from retailers like Amazon, it is worthwhile to read Christie Brinkley Skincare reviews for the particular vendor, to ensure that the independent reseller is indeed reputable and won’t send you counterfeit or expired products.

Christie Brinkley Skincare Ingredients

Christie Brinkley Skincare products contain a wide range of ingredients; depending on the specific item you are considering. For example, the RECAPTURE Day + IR Defense Anti-Aging Treatment contains ingredients like Neodermyl, to increase the skin’s elasticity; Sytenol, to reduce irritation; and Mitostime, an algae extract intended to increase the skin’s production of collagen.

Another Christie Brinkley Skincare product is the UPLIFT Firming Neck & Decollete Treatment, which is formulated for the thicker skin on the neck and chest. This cream contains Niacinamide, a vitamin B derivative to moisturize the skin and Sytenol, an antioxidant.

Then there is also the Christie Brinkley Skincare REFOCUS Eye, a serum intended to reduce under eye puffiness and to decrease the appearance of under eye wrinkles. This item contains ingredients like the ViaPure Poria, an anti- inflammatory; Horsechestnut Seed Extract, to boost blood circulation in the treated area; and Magnolia Super Extract, an antioxidant.

Cost of Christie Brinkley Skincare Products

The cost of Christie Brinkley Skincare items is relatively affordable for most skin care budgets, and ranges between $30 and $90 per jar. However, the jars and tubes in this brand are quite small; with some being only one third of an ounce in volume. Therefore, it’s a good idea to read Christie Brinkley Skincare reviews from other consumers to first assess whether these products may be right for you, before spending money on an item that may be ineffective.

Christie Brinkley Skincare Returns and Exchanges

To boost sales of its products Christie Brinkley Skincare offers a full 30 day return policy for consumer to receive a complete refund. The company claims that it will provide a full refund even if the jars or tubes are returned completely empty. However, consumers should be aware that the postage and other costs of returning any items to the manufacturer are the responsibility of the consumer, and will not be reimbursed by the company. This makes it all the more important to consult with a skin care expert before purchasing Christie Brinkley Skincare products.

What Are Alternatives to Christie Brinkley Skincare?

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Will Original review: May 26, 2018. Reply

Be very careful. It’s not just a “FREE” trial and pay for postage only

Firstly, They charge you TWICE for the postage. One for the Day cream and one for the Night cream! (instead of putting them both in one parcel.

Secondly, You have actually “signed up” to receive TWO months supply at $139.90 for the Day cream and $139.90 for the Night Cream ($279.80 in total)

Tatiana Pelser Original review: Jun 22, 2017. Reply

I would put zero stars if it was possible. Rubbish is it’s best. This is my personal review. DON’T FALL FOR THIS TRICKS. Absolutely agree with all the ladies. RUBBISH RUBBISH RUBBISH

Disa Original review: Apr 04, 2017. Reply

I started to use for first time the products (Christie Brinkley’s Bio-Clock Activation System) and they made me allergy on my skin, I very upset and frustrated. It the first time that happened an allergy to me.

Since the last Saturday I started to feel itches and burns at the same time, now I have an outbreak face, I am full of pimples and I have inflamed my face, neck and part of my chest.

I returned the products yesterday.

I went to the dermatologist and now I taking a treatment with medicine that will take 7 days and I cannot receive sun.

I am very disappointed with these products.

Another point is about misleading advertising on the website, it is a scam advertiser. I bought a kit of the products because they were in promotion and I wanted to try them for first time, but I never thought that I would automatically be registered that every month the company deducted from my credit card another kit and sent it to me, and If I need to cancel that I have to call the company. This it never say it in the website, I recommend that kind information is very important to know and it need to be visible to the customer, so that people decide voluntarily to continue using the products or not and not for obligation. It is an unfair and misleading way to attract customers, please change that marketing strategy.

In my case I am waiting for the second kit of products to immediately return them to the company and waiting for my money back.

Amy Cosley Original review: Mar 30, 2017. Reply

I will be returning my Free Trial Offer also since it isn’t free at all. This is yet another BS company that babbles a bunch of what you want to hear and then fraudulently removes money from your bank account using the credit card you used to pay for shipping and handeling only. I didn’t even receive what I ordered.

Sarah Sheppard Original review: Jan 29, 2017. Reply

Ordered the trial, rec’d yesterday..Called at 8: 14 tonight and cancelled after rep told me that monthly supply only the small jar sent, NOT the product shown with pump. Wanted me to try for FREE 10 more days-I said, “No, I might forget, just cancel”..I then asked if I needed to return the product and was told “No, you canc. within time period, keep”.. Got an email a moment later for a $38.71 ORDER! Called and was told that I accepted and just like others above was told that I agreed to charge-I told him, “NO, I disagree and this is deceptive and I want charge removed..NO mention of a fee to keep after I asked about returning”! Then, he said that calls are recorded and I instructed him that he needed to ck.! He then offered to refund 50%..AGAIN, I said “NO and I WILL dispute charge on my cd. and file a complaint”. Email with $38.71 credit a minute later.. Definitely a SCAM offer!!!

Denise Original review: Jan 12, 2017. Reply

Wow! Thank you all for the reviews. I feel ya…15th day since my Christie Scam- me order. I only ordered 1 free trial lotion. But received 2 and paid $10 for shipping. Woke up this morning with two $94 charges. Are you kidding me!!! Called customer service, they gave me the same run around. “Thats what you signed up for”. Asked to speak to supervisor first she was busy then he said she wasn’t in yet. His solution to my dilemma – would send me a voucher to purchase any items I chose. What? He kept repeating Q card. But I wasn’t giving up I kept repeating my speach. ” I want this charge on my credit card reversed”. After 40 minutes, yes he wore me down. I was told to call back and talk to the supervisor Anna, when she came in. But I thought to myself this is my day off i do not want to spend it tracking down another person who (from all these reviews) was going to give me the run around. So I called my credit card company. They are going to help me out. Thank you Capital One!!! And thank you all for listening to me vent DON’T FALL FOR FREE TRIALS…THEY ARE NOT FREE!!! ?SCAM?

Nancy Original review: Dec 09, 2016. Reply

Sounds like I should of read these complaints before I got taken as well, I called their phone # & a nice voice came on telling me that someone would be with me & of course the phone call ended with no one answering. I read all information carefully before I made my $1.00 purchase only to be charged $4.95 & $5.99 plus $92.49 & $92.99. My disability cannot take this kind of damage. Terrible! When is someone going to stop this company for V derma & Derm Elite.

Very upset Original review: Dec 01, 2016. Reply

Christie Brinkley skincare what a joke. I fell for the scam, I was initially sceptical but ordered my free trial anyway, I told myself surely Christy Brinkly wouldn’t rip people off or associate her name with people who would. Was I wrong. They took $200.00 from my account and sent an email saying day and night creams will be sent. That was a month ago. I have not received anything. I have sent several emails without response and phoned the 24/7 customer line everyday for the last month which only has a recorded message stating “we are having technical issues try again later”. I’m ready to phone a current affair or department of fair trading. Christy Brinkley you are a thief and your skincare is rubbish!

LIndah Original review: Nov 28, 2016. Reply

I brought the 3 face creams and they arrived in very small jars and opted to try the trial night cream as part of that first order. The trial was for 3 weeks, within 2 days of this arriving in New Zealand (it was a fast delivery after my initial order) this arrogant woman that talked about a hundred word a minute rang me wanting to bill me for the night cream, plus 2 more jars. Well I agreed stupid me. But cancelled for any further orders going off my credit card. So she agreed with that over the phone that I would not be billed for anything anymore. All this has happened well before the 2 week trial period. I am hoping I do not have to go down to the bank and cancel my card in the near future. The cream is nothing to rave about, its making my skin dry. The night cream is bleaching my skin as my eyebrows have gone white. The wrinkles are still there and are looking as normal. A lot of money for a lot of promise in a product that is overpriced with a company practicing unethical selling tactics.

Elvira Starin Original review: Nov 25, 2016. Reply

I also had a promo to purchase these products for $1.00. I was shocked to see my credit card was charged for over $100.00. I had been using her products and was very pleasantly surprised how well my skin looked. No one knew I had started using these products. Many people told me how nice I looked. I had not changed anything other than my skin products. I am disabled and cannot afford these products, or I would continue using them.

Anne-Louise Original review: Oct 21, 2016. Reply

I ordered some products from the Christie Brinkley website a few months ago. I think the items were advertised as only $1 or $2 for free samples, and I recall providing my debit card details online. Later, when I checked my debit card statement online, I felt shocked to see that over $100 had been debited (stolen) from my bank account from Christie Brinkley cosmetics. It took me quite a long time and much determination to have this rectified. I had to ask my bank to cancel my account altogether, cancel my current debit card, and have a new card issued by post with a waiting time of more than a week before I had the convenience of using my card. Also, I did phone the Christie Brinkley customer service number with no answer at first, and a call back after several attempts to talk to someone. They admitted they deducted the extra money from my account, apologised, and refunded the amount to me. I found this to be suspicious. I also felt naive to trust this company in the first place, and handing over my debit card details online feels risky now!

S R Original review: Oct 12, 2016. Reply

I’m another with all of the same problems. Can’t contact them by phone or email. No return address. This is day 13. Going to try the bank to stop any charges. Does anyone have the name they bill under?

Rachael Original review: Sep 27, 2016. Reply

I don’t even care whether the product works or not, the company behind it is so unprofessional, I’m shocked. Like everyone else said, the fact that you are signing up for a subscription is artfully hidden as you go through the trial ordering process. You will get charged about $90 a month after that if you don’t cancel within 14 days of signing up for the trial product. I didn’t know this. I was out of town when the product came in the mail. I didn’t call them until 2 days after the end of this mysterious trial period, and they would not refund my money. It is embarrassing how little the customer service person cared about the issue.

I, too, offered to return the product and was told no. $90 is a lot for a trial of a product that isn’t that amazing to begin with.

schawn Original review: Sep 24, 2016. Reply

Unbelievable I fell for this scam. Make sure you read the very fine print because it’s misleading and customer service is not very servicing, they are however very good at maintaining a flat tone and repeating the script word for word over and over and over until even the calmest of person looses her mind.

Principe Original review: Sep 20, 2016. Reply

Everyone , please read this . I too was told I could purchase a FREE TRIAL of EYE NOIR ( eye serum ) for @ $ 4.95 to try for 30 days … I was in and out of the hospital for three months and saw 3 boxes with two diff. creams .They had charged my credit card on the 15th day and two more times for $ 549. 50 total !! I WAS UPSET and called , and said I want my money back , where do I send this un opened stuff ? She said I couldn’t send it back , and I said you better cancel this now ! I asked for the company address , she said there isn’t one ! I told her to email proof that I cancelled it . She said she would . It’s been over 15 hrs !

Jo Original review: Sep 18, 2016. Reply

I was doing some research on this product I had seen it on FACE BOOK and the link took me to the Dr Oz show, now I’ve been caught out before with this quack so thats why I decided to do my own research and yet again the Dr advertising this product is a scam, so thank you ladies for you comments and I will not waste my money and the postage to Australia is always expensive

Tessa Original review: Sep 02, 2016. Reply

Be careful of these so called ‘free’ trials. They are usually scams that have recurring charges on your credit card. Seems like only the people in the ads had improvement. Everyone else that tried it had no effect – if it smells like a scam and looks like a scam, you can be sure it probably is a scam.

Debbie Original review: Aug 28, 2016. Reply

Based on the above feedback I will NOT order this product. But for ppl who must try these types of scams the best way to combat arguments with them charging your card; get a prepaid card and put only enough on the card to cover shipping. . Once the money is gone on the card they are not getting one cent from you.

Tanya Original review: Aug 22, 2016. Reply

I first read several reviews on the product. Then I signed up for my free trial. I then checked my bank account. I somehow had two different charges on my account one for $4.99 and the other for $4.95. When I called the customer service phone number they told me that I signed up for both of them. They were actually quite argumentative about it. I did not sign up for the other skincare product that they’re claiming I did. When I argued with the customer service rep, he changed his tune to tell me that they would give me a longer supply for that amount of money. I told him it was a scam and I’d like him to refund my money. He argued and said that would not happen. He said that I could return the product when it came to me and gave me certain codes to put on the boxes for my return. When I then asked him if I was out the almost $10 for the shipping he said yes. And then I told him that I’d make sure that I would go on social media to smear this company all over the place. And then he said that he would send me an email with the refund of it. Time is gone by and I have not seen that yet. DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!

Tanya Duncan Original review: Aug 21, 2016. Reply

Christie figure how to sell your product without scamming people please!!!! I first read several reviews on the product. Then I signed up for my free trial. I then checked my bank account. I somehow had two different charges on my account one for $4.99 and the other for $4.95. When I called the customer service phone number they told me that I signed up for both of them. They were actually quite argumentative about it. I did not sign up for the other skincare product that they’re claiming I did. When I argued with the customer service rep, he changed his tune to tell me that they would give me a longer supply for that amount of money. I told him it was a scam and I’d like him to refund my money. He argued and said that would not happen. He said that I could return the product when it came to me and gave me certain codes to put on the boxes for my return. When I then asked him if I was out the almost $10 for the shipping he said yes.And then he said that he would send me an email with the refund of it. Time is gone by and I have not seen that yet. DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!

Anna Dahlberg Original review: Jul 28, 2016. Reply

Beware of Christy Brinkley Scam! Okay, so I don’t usually get caught out by internet advertising scams, but Christy Brinkley Skin Care is a total scam. When they say you get a Free Trial… they mean over NZD $200 per tiny pottle (30ml) of moisturiser, which they take from you in installments. I asked for both the night and morning ‘trial’, so that is over NZD $400! Sadly, these advertisements tend to catch out people who aren’t wealthy or can afford these payments. I only rang up because after money was taken from my account, I expected 2 ‘full sized’ pots of moisturiser. They said ‘you already received your supply, and your next installment is still to come out of your bank account’. The skin care was no better then my Neutrimetics (cruelty free), and 4x the price!!!

Nat Original review: Jun 28, 2016. Reply

The product was okay.. no major changes sited with my skin. The day cream is light weight and not overly oily, particularly good if you are like me and have oily skin in general.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap advertising of the product. I purchased it thinking it was a part of a free trial and ended up having over 100 bucks come out of my bank account. Also, once you do this, you are locked in and they will deduct payments from your account every 40 days. You will need to call the US to cancel all further subscriptions.

Jennifer Scott Original review: Jun 06, 2016. Reply

They have refused to give me a return address so I have no way of returning in the 30 days. I have phoned and emailed and they are very unethical Does anyone have s return address

Margaret Griffiths Original review: May 25, 2016. Reply

Yes Shirley D, I started to fill out a “free” trial but decided to to proceed when it got to leaving my credit card details – I had a feeling – although there is not mention of it on the site – that there would be ongoing shipments whether I wanted to continue with the products or not. Because I had gone past the point where I had left my phone number, I received a call from their “customer service” representatives who, when I said I was not longer interested in purchasing the products, began yelling at me wanting to know why have you changed your mind…tell me why have you changed your mind & was still yelling at me why have you…….as I hung up. Be wary people.

Shirley D Original review: Apr 12, 2016. Reply

I ordered Brinkleys product, used for a month & saw no difference. Her company shipped my another months worth which I did not order. The customer service clerks were some of the rudest unprofessional people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. They trick you with their 14 day trail, and state you agreed to multiple shipments-NO I DID NOT! Good luck dealing with these thiefs!

Cm Original review: Feb 18, 2016. Reply

Not impressed.never got cream.waited and waited.they reordered.still never came. Then they charged me for cream i never recived. Be sure this is a scam

Suzann Original review: Mar 27, 2015. Reply

To NOT order this product. I returned it because it was too expensive. (almost $70.00 per jar) It was returned before the deadline, but I was still charged. When I called about it, they said it may take up to 10 days for the credit to appear. Funny, but the charge appeared instantly, but the credit takes 10 days? So, they have $70.00 of my money for up to 10 days. I should have never been charged. The customer service rep couldn’t answer my question as to WHY I was charged.

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