Cher Horowitz Hair Will Be Everywhere This Fall

If, while rewatching Clueless, you've found yourself unable to focus on the plot, instead captivated by Alicia Silverstone's gleaming curtain of golden hair, you're not alone. In fact, expect to see fluffy, polished Cher Horowitz hair everywhere this fall.

“The Cher blowout is a very timeless look,” says David Lopez, a celebrity hairstylist who's been noticing the trend gaining steam. “It can be compared to a bob from the ’20s in the sense that it happened in a moment in history but remains timeless. Cher's hair is smooth but still touchable. It has body but not necessarily volume. Compared to the ’90s blowout that had a lot of volume, Cher's was a little bit flatter but with body and bounce and a nice C shape at the end of the hair.”

What makes Cher's hair feel so modern—even 20 years later—is that it combines all the attitude of the supermodel blowout, but with the easy-breezy feeling that rules beauty today. “I love how it celebrates ‘done’ hair while looking young, fresh, and healthy,” says Lopez. “The highlights in Cher's hair are there but not fussy; there's no rootage, but it still very dimensional. The C shape at the end of the hair makes it look effortless and chic.”

“I think this is a popular style right now because it's fresh,” he continues. “We went from the very messy lived-in hair to very polished and styled hair. The bouncy blowout is the happy middle of these two; it's polished but a bit more lived-in. The Cher hair is touchable but still ‘done.’”

While the magic of this look lies in the styling, it helps to have the right cut as a base. For a true Cher look, Lopez says to minimize the amount of layers in your hair—this also separates it from the supermodel blowout, which adds volume to each layers for massive, bouncy hair.

“To me, the key to this look is a soft blunt end that looks very thick and healthy,” he says. “A cut with minimal layers at the end of the hair and crown, but face framing that starts at the cheekbone, connects at the jawline, and blends into the hair is perfect for this look.” He adds that he also loves this style on curly hair that has been silk pressed.

Even if you're not super confident in your blowout skills, the look is actually pretty easy to re-create at home. Lopez recommends using a blowout brush (which I, as someone with next-to-zero skills with a round brush, second). He likes the new T3 AireBrush Duo, since it has a round-brush attachment for optimal bounce.

“A little hack is to start at the crown with the face-framing layers and blow- dry the hair up,” says Lopez. “Then once you release it from the blow-dry brush, roll into a Velcro roller to let it set. Then you can work on the rest of the hair while letting the top of the hair set in rollers. Once you're done with the hot-air styler, you can release the rollers and you'll have a beautiful bouncy face frame but a smooth finish underneath with the ends flipped in.” To add a little bit of that lived-in feel back in, he likes to apply a mousse like Kenra's The Volume Mousse or IGK's Big Time. Lastly, seal everything in with a hairspray (he likes Kenra) and finish with a little oil on the ends for added smoothness and shine.

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