Celebrity Makeup Artist Vincent Oquendo Says This $7 Liquid Liner is "Skip- Proof"

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"This is the Dr. Gross mask and it does amazing things for your skin. Oh my god, I feel so beautiful. This helps with any inflammation, and it helps just sort of reset and rejuvenate the skin. I am a skin nerd. I love anything that just makes me look like my best self. It helps zap any pimples that are brewing underneath there that might surprise me on the red carpet. If we know anything about the red carpet, we know we don't like any surprises, girl."

"My second favorite is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. One of my pet peeves, woof, is when you see where the makeup ends. I mean, it just haunts my nightmares. So what I love about this is that it comes in 18 shades, and I love the applicator. It's rounded so it never gives you those hard edges that you see with concealers. It just kind of does all the blending for you. So I lay down the concealer pretty heavy. What I tend to do is I lay it down right here, and then I go right in the center, and I go here, and I go here, right on the cheekbones. And then I take my darker concealer or my deeper concealer, and I sculpt with it."

"My third product is the Shiseido Daiya Fude Brush. This brush is amazing because then I take my BB cream, or I like a light liquid foundation, and I put a little bit in my palm. I use the brush, It has that diamond shape. I take the liquid foundation and I buff it, and I just go like that all over my client's face. So I buff, buff, buff, buff, buff to perfection. And then it has a little nubbin on top. This is a silicone applicator."

"Fourth thing, Lumify drops. These are a redness-relieving eye-drop. It lasts up to eight hours. There's no weird things in it. There's no bleach, or dyes, or anything really harmful. It doesn't hurt. You want to put it in before your contact lenses. I don't know why we decided that if something hurts or if it tingles, it's good and we'll look prettier afterwards. Girl, don't be a hero. It doesn't need to hurt. One thing I'm really known for on the red carpet is just buttery skin and big eyes. So I use one drop in each eye before I start the makeup, and ta-da."

"Because I just told you guys that I'm the eye guy on the carpet, this is the Maybelline Hyper Easy liner. This is one of my favorite liquid liners in the whole, entire universe. You can write your name if you want to. It's skip-proof. I mean, look at that. It's just like magic. This is, like, no joke. When this sets, it really sets. It doesn't dry out. It's not annoying like other liquid liners that it's just really hard to control and really hard to manage."

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