Can Certain Vitamins Help Suppress Your Appetite?

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A few different vitamins and minerals can help suppress your appetite. These nutrients work as hunger suppressants, making you feel full faster and increasing the likelihood that you’ll eat smaller meals.

Healthy Weight Loss Strategies

However, some people already consume a fairly low amount of calories. For instance, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends the consumption of as little as 1,600 calories per day for sedentary adult women. If you're already consuming a fairly low amount of calories, reducing your calorie intake further may not be the healthiest choice. Too few calories may prevent you from consuming the essential nutrients you need to stay healthy.

Nutrients as Hunger Suppressants

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No.201 - Prevent Elasticity Damage

Macronutrients, rather than micronutrients, are more well-established as hunger suppressants. The review in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism reported that soluble and insoluble fiber both work as hunger suppressants.

Satiating Diets and Weight Loss

In this study, obese men were encouraged to consume a diet rich in these foods. This was referred to as a satiating diet and contained macronutrient ratios of 30 to 35 percent fat, 20 to 25 percent protein and 45 to 50 percent carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate content needed to primarily come from unprocessed foods with a low glycemic index. Daily carbohydrate content also needed to incorporate over 25 grams of dietary fiber (more than the recommended daily value). Fat content had to primarily come from healthy unsaturated fats and not saturated or trans fats. This diet was also rich in essential micronutrients (particularly calcium).

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