Can An Eye Mask Really Combat Blue Light Strain?

The Emily Ratajkowski-endorsed LOOPS Beauty promises to do the trick. Every mask comes in a five-pack, so that you can use them on a weekly basis for about a month. And because they are designed for sensitive skin, you can either give yourself a Sunday spa treatmentwith a collection that includes their lip masks and full face sheet masks in addition to these under-eye patchesor use them every day.

The LOOPS Hydrogel Eye Masks aim to hydrate the under-eye area and brighten up the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. There's some niacinimide, some pearl extract, and a little bit of retinol to do the trick. But do the LOOPS Eye Masks do more than just hydrate? The brand insists that niacinamide, one of the key ingredients formulated in the mask, will protect the skin from blue light because it restores skin surface cells after they've been stressed out and damaged by oxidative stress induced by staring at screens for too long. Four W editors who've been getting a lot of screen time tried the LOOPS Beauty Hydrogel Eye Masks and gave their honest opinions.

Tilden Bissell, Digital Designer

I've been wearing blue light blocking glasses for a few years and I also use the flux or night shift feature religiously when I'm not working on designing stuff for W. I also do the 20-20-20 Rule, where you're supposed to look up from your computer screen every 20 minutes and stare at something 20 feet away from 20 seconds, plus take walks and get outside to look at things that aren't digital.

The masks felt like jelly, and were very cooling once I put them on. They were extremely moisturizing, and had a nice thickness to them that made me feel confident enough that they would stay put. Aesthetically, they were a cute shade of coral, and looked fairly chic while I walked around my apartment and FaceTimed a friend. I didn't notice any stinging and I have fairly sensitive skin, but I did put them a little distance from my eyes just to be safe.

I did them about 1-2 times a week, usually in the morning when I was feeling a little tired and needed to de-puff for a meeting or right before bed as a relaxing way to wind down.

My under eyes felt dewy and hydrated, but I'm not sure they actually did a whole lot to relieve my fatigue. I was in a busy time at work so I actually stuck reusable eye masks over the Loops and then slipped my glasses ona goofy-looking but effective way to maximize benefits in my mind. Hunched like a little gremlin over my laptop, it felt like a fitting Covid beauty ritual, and even if it didn't actually work, it did feel refreshing.

I think the eye masks were overall effective, and I am curious to try some of Loops other products. That being said, I try to limit single use masks to special occasions, since I'm trying to cut down on my beauty waste.

Brooke Marine, Culture Editor

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