Calorie Diet Plan is it Good for Weight Loss?

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No.313 - Prevent Acne

A 1000 calorie diet plan or a low-calorie diet plan is used for rapid weight loss. The rationale behind the 1000 calorie diet plan is that a drastic reduction in calorie intake results in weight loss with little or no physical activity. In this diet plan, you are allowed to consume limited carbohydrates, more low-calorie fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins. A low-calorie diet is effective in reducing body weight by an average of 8%, but this is a short-term approach (1).

Caution: Consult a doctor or a nutritionist before going on this diet as it involves a drastic reduction in calorie intake.

The 1000 Calorie Diet Chart (Sample Plan)

This 1000 calorie diet chart is a sample menu that can be followed by anyone who wants to lose weight drastically. The plan may vary based on your weight and physical activity. Consult a doctor or a dietitian to adjust it according to your body’s requirements.

Total Calorie Intake – 1008

Useful Tip – You can also have green tea in the morning instead of a detox drink. Green tea has 0 calories. A study done on mice states that it is rich in the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that has an anti-obesity effect (2).

What To Eat

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The selection of foods for a 1000-calorie diet should be done carefully to create a healthy menu that will get you the desired results.

  • The 1000-calorie diet plan should incorporate foods that are rich in vitamin B, proteins, and fiber, normally found in wheat foods and enzymes.
  • The diet demands a reduction in whole food types, like carbs or trans fats, as your body requires nutrition to improve overall health.
  • Calcium can be included by taking low-fat milk and green vegetables. Do not ignore fruits and vegetables.
  • Fruits like oranges, cantaloupes, kiwi, pears, strawberries, and numerous other berries that offer minimal calories can be used in salads.
  • Green veggies like spinach, celery, zucchini, broccoli, and artichokes are rich in vitamins and minerals besides being low-calorie ingredients.
  • A single portion of cabbage contains just 35 calories but is pretty rich in nutritional fiber.
  • Apart from this, vegetables like cucumber, celery, and eco-friendly peppers have high water content.

4. What Not To Eat

Here is the list of foods you should absolutely avoid when you are on the 1000- calorie diet:

  • Fats And Oils – Coconut oil, groundnut oil, walnut oil, palm oil, avocado oil, lard, and other animal fat oil, butter, peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, cheese, cream cheese, and ghee.
  • Seeds And Nuts – Hazelnuts, cashew nuts, watermelon seeds, walnuts, pine nuts, desiccated coconut, peanuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio, and chia seeds.
  • Dry Fruits – Dates, prunes, dried currants, apricots, figs, and cranberries.
  • Fruits, Veggies, And Legumes – Avocado, mango, litchi, chiku, custard apple, potato, corn, lima beans, and soybeans.
  • Proteins – Beef, pork, lamb, and tofu.

Grocery List

Before creating a 1000-calorie diet plan, you need to make your kitchen healthy. Plan your grocery list beforehand. Here is a list of items that you need to stock up on before you start this diet:

  • As it is a low-carb plan, limit buying any grains.
  • Seafood, fish, and lean protein like chicken breast.
  • Pulses and legumes.
  • Seasonal colorful fruits and vegetables.
  • Low-fat milk and dairy products.
  • Spices and condiments to boost your metabolism.

The 1000 Calorie Diet Recipe

You can control your calorie intake per day, but that does not mean you have to eat boring food. Make your meals exciting and tasty using seasonal veggies, meat, and spices available in the supermarket, but with a twist.

Vegetarian Alternative
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No.111 - Purge Impurities

If you are a vegetarian, instead of chicken, you can add carrots, stir-fried broccoli florets, and button mushrooms.

Non-Vegetarian Alternative

You can add 2-3 thin slices of turkey bacon to this salad.

Role Of Exercise When On The 1000-Calorie Diet

Exercising is a healthy habit. However, the 1000-calorie diet is a low-calorie diet plan for you to lose weight quickly. That is why rigorous exercising is not recommended when you are on this diet. Here’s what you can do:

  • Go for a medium-paced walk for 30 minutes daily.
  • Do some stretching exercises to improve blood circulation.
  • You can try low-impact exercises that burn calories without causing any pain in the joints and muscles.

Caution: If you feel weak after exercising, consult a doctor and stop working out.

What Should You Follow?

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Note: As it is a low-calorie diet plan, you must consume multivitamin and mineral supplements along with vitamin D3. Always consult a doctor before taking any supplements.


Though the 1000-calorie diet is an effective way to reduce weight quickly, it should be done under the guidance of a doctor or a nutritionist. A low-calorie diet plan involves balancing macronutrients with low carbs and fat and moderate protein. Your plate should be loaded with low-calorie fruits and vegetables. Starving yourself or following an imbalanced low-calorie diet will lead to more weight gain once you stop following the diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pounds can you lose if you go on a 1000-calorie diet?

With a 1000-calorie diet, you can reduce up to 8% of your present weight. Every body type is different, so weight loss may vary from anywhere between 5 pounds to 10 pounds.

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No.231 - Pigmentation & Blemishes

What lean proteins can I have while on the 1000-calorie diet?

You can have skinless chicken, turkey, fish, button mushrooms, and lentils. Avoid beans, tofu, beef, and pork.

I weigh 250 lbs and want to lose weight quickly. Can I go on the 1000-calorie diet for a month?

Depending on your body type, metabolic rate, genetics, age, and medical history, you need to follow a diet that will not harm your body in the long term. Exercising is a healthy option to start with. If you starve yourself, you will gain weight instead of losing it. Seek your doctor’s advice so that your calorie intake is reduced gradually.

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Can I lose weight without exercising if I am on the 1000-calorie diet?

Since the 1000-calorie diet has way lesser calories than what you should normally intake, you can pretty much do without exercising. Do some stretching and medium-paced walks to maintain your blood circulation and muscle strength.

I am a breastfeeding mother. Is the 1000-calorie diet right for me?

If you are breastfeeding, it is not advisable to go on a low-calorie diet. You should consult your doctor or dietitian to know whether you can go on a low- calorie diet so soon.

Can I have a cheat day while on the 1000-calorie diet?

Yes, you can. Make sure you eat in less portions. This will help you the next day. If you eat about 2000 calories (or more), and the next day you want to fast, that is not an option and is not recommended at all. Once a week, you can have slightly more than 1000 calories, say 1300-1400 calories. Nullify the effect by sticking to the diet and drinking green tea at least twice a day for the next two days.

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