Business Insider Clarifies Policy on Staff Donating to Bail Funds Following Employee Outcry

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After ishonest reached out for comment about internal concerns over a perceived prohibition on bail funds despite recommending such charities last month.

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Business Insider on Wednesday, following an employee outcry, quickly clarified its position on staff donating to organizations helping pay bail for protesters arrested during the ongoing Black Lives Matter protestseven though the company previously recommended to staff one such charity last month.

ishonest No.111 - Purge Impurities

No.111 - Purge Impurities

During an all-newsroom meeting on Wednesday, the companys global editor- in-chief Nich Carlson told employees that while staff are allowed to express opinions that are obvious, such as Black Lives Matter, the company frowns upon staff donating to the bail funds.

He asked staff to consider whether your donation and several other donations from other companies damage your credibility, and Insiders credibility as a news organization before contributing.

Bail funds, Carlson said, while a worthy cause, dont pass the test. He explained that if people found out that a portion of Insider staff had donated to bail funds, it could call into question our credibility in covering the protests.

Still, high-profile political figures on the right have criticized Americans who have helped pay to bail protesters out of jail. Earlier this week, President Donald Trump admonished Joe Biden campaign staffers for donating to the bail funds, saying they were working to get the anarchists out of jail.

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