Brooke Shields, 56, Gets Candid About Learning to Love Her Body: 'I'm Continually Learning How to Love Myself'

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Brooke Shields is opening up about embracing her sexiness as she gets older.

Brooke, 56, told Yahoo Life in a new interview that there are a lot of “misconceptions” about women and sexiness over time. “The acceptance of our bodies comes at a later date,” she said. “I live much more in my body now than I ever did. My body actually feels like it belongs to me. And I can't say that about my youth.”

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The OG supermodel and actress said there also seems to be a general thought that women who can’t have children anymore “don't seem to matter to the world.” But, she added, “There's vitality in us. And I think that shows itself sexually. It shows itself with an adventure. It shows itself in confidence.”

Older women “walk into rooms now and kind of think, well, I got nothing to lose,” Brooke said, adding, “there's an uncomplicated nature to it. Confidence is the sexiest thing that I've ever encountered.”

Brooke said that her journey to self-love is ongoing, though. “I'm continually learning how to love myself. It's not something that's easy,” she said. “Society doesn't make it easy for us. And then you've got social media, which doesn't make it easy.”

Brooke recently launched the self-care platform Beginning Is Now, which is designed for women over 40, and she shared a little of her own experience with turning 40: “All of a sudden, I was an adult,” she said. “Fertility was changing for me. It was difficult for me to have children. I did IVF seven times.”

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Brooke said she was told in her career that “you're not viable once you're 40.” But, she said, “we're not at the end the way people are living now. We're at a new beginning. And so I kept saying, ‘I just feel like I'm beginning.’”

Brooke said she designed Beginning Is Now to help women embrace this new chapter —something she’s learned to do. “Sex for me, it has really evolved,” she said. “My 20s, I was always terrified of it, because I was a virgin until I was 22. My 30s, it wasn't really about being sexy. It was having your body work to create something. That was like a 10-year kind of journey.”

But, Brooke said that, in her 40s, she “started thinking of sex as my experience, not someone else's experience that I just navigated.”

Brooke ended on this note: “I'm not tied to what the outside is for my self- esteem. And I think that's a miracle coming through this business, and being in it as long as I have. My currency wasn't the outside. It's about vitality, not aging.”

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