Brilliant 12 Intense Neutrals 8NN Light Intense Blonde Permanent Crme Hair Color

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

What is it?

ion Color Brilliance Brilliant 12 Ultra Gloss takes hair color to the next level by giving you the custom color you expect from Ion, then layering on the super high shine that makes hair look healthier, silkier, and more vibrant than you ever dreamed possible. This ultra gloss features a luxurious Italian formula which provides that long lasting color, serious anti-fade UV protection, and even 100% gray coverage. Luxurious pigments cover evenly while our lustrous, high-gloss finish hydrates deeply and leaves hair feeling soft, stronger and smoother.

ion Hair Colors superior quality, proprietary blends are formulated in Italy by our expert team of chemists to deliver unparalleled results. Our unique system combines the finest quality natural and exotic ingredients with powerful high-tech compounds to achieve exquisite, brilliant color with superior gray coverage. ion Hair Color science relies on the power of micro-pigmentation — vibranceour microscopic pigment molecules oxidize slower, allowing them to penetrate deep into the cortex of each hair strand for long-lasting, fade- resistant color. Our formulas are PPD-free and enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, Pequi Oil, and botanicals to nourish and strengthen hair from within. Not to mention, ion Hair Color is gentle on hair, containing up to 38% less ammonia than the leading professional brands on the market. Unlock your hair’s true potential with Ion’s cutting-edge, salon-quality color science and brivibrancy like never before.

What makes it special?

Processing Time: All instructions are based on average texture. If hair is fine or coarse adjustments should be made accordingly. Fine Hair is much more receptive to hair coloring, where coarse hair is not. Please refer to the ion Color Brilliance hair color insert to see time table for each specific need.

Always read the product packaging and inserts for complete directions, instructions, and warnings, and make sure to perform both the strand test and the patch test before applying your color.

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