Bread Beauty Supply's New Hair-Cream is a One-Stop Product for Great Curls

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It's time to simplify your hair routine.

Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Cream

BEST FOR: Suitable for all hair types—especially naturally curly textures.

ishonest No.354 - Pores

No.354 - Pores

USES: A daily styling cream for braids, wash-and-gos, or sleek styles.

PRICE: $28

ABOUT THE BRAND: Bread Beauty Supply launched in 2020 and was created to simplify your wash-day routine.

The Formula

Also in line with Bread's brand DNA is Hair-Cream's good-for-you ingredients and ultrachic packaging that does wonders for your hair and your vanity. "One key ingredient in Hair-Cream is hydrolyzed quinoa protein, which helps fortify the strand and strengthen the hair," Heim explains. "It also has capric triglycerides, a silicon replacement that gives your hair a silky feeling without buildup." Mango butter and Kakadu plum are also in the formula to nourish and condition even the driest hair textures.

The Use

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Heim made it clear that while the product can work for various textures and styles, Bread tested it on 4C-curls first to ensure it was most effective on textures like hers. "We test everything on 4C first," she says. "I wanted people with natural hair to get shine and definition without the crunch."

Your styling options aren't limited to twist-outs and wash-and-gos. Heim says that you can smooth a dime-sized amount of the cream on your hair to brush it into a slick bun or ponytail. The formula also has heat protectant properties and can help protect your strands before a silk press or blowout.

The Review

Aimee Simeon, Senior Beauty Editor


I like to classify myself as a lazy natural. I like products that give me moisture, hold, and definition for days at a time—because there's nothing that bugs me more than spending hours in front of a mirror to style my hair. Typically, I can achieve the trifecta with a minimum of three products, so I was slightly wary of Bread's claim to be a one-and-done styler. Nonetheless, I gave it a go.

I carefully raked a glob of leave-in cream in small sections of my wet hair. The formula does have a cream, jelly-like consistency that provides a nice slip when applied to damp curls, which I loved. Once I coated all of my curls, I diffused my hair on high heat because, yes, I am even too lazy to wait for it to air dry. My final results were defined ringlets (pictured above) that weren't flaky, crunchy, or dry. I didn't use any gel or mousse to achieve my final look. A quick zhuzh with my Afro pick gave me extra volume, and my curls are still defined days later.

Perhaps, the best part worth mentioning is the quality of the actual product. Hair-Cream is—by far— the most luxe feeling packaging for a natural-hair product I've ever used. The mauve-pink jar has a nice weight to it that feels pleasantly high-end. The smell also reminds me of a faint whiff of an adult orange creamsicle that isn't overpowering and won't follow you around for days. Of all the natural hair products I've tried lately, it's safe to say this one's a keeper.

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