Bread Beauty is Coming for Your Scalp with Two New Products

Don't worry, these work on your curls, too.

Since launching last year, Bread has pioneered haircare with its line of pared- down basics meant to simplify your wash day. They've added a multi-purpose oil, a curl creme, and now with the latest launch, the brand has officially expanded into scalp care. Bread's new Scalp-Serum ($28) and the Mud-Mask ($34) treatments are made for nourishing your scalp and curls.

"Traditional scalp products can be impossible to work out of textured hair, so we designed both products to give everyone the benefits of an invigorating scalp detox, and opted for a non-manual exfoliating and detox system," founder Maeva Heim explains.

For more on how and when to use the latest from Bread, read on.

The Inspiration

"Before Bread even launched, I was knee-deep in educating myself on everything there is to know about hair," Heim shares. "What became apparent quite quickly was that the importance of scalp care wasn’t mainstream just yet, even though it is so important for the health and growth of the hair."

Here's what you need to know about the hair growth cycle: It's pretty long—about four to seven years, Heim explains. Keeping that cycle in mind, "the way you treat your hair and scalp when it’s super young (i.e., before it protrudes from the scalp) is something we don’t focus on enough," she says. "Immediate results are great, but giving the same amount of care to long-term results means your future self will thank you (in four-ish years)."

The Products

Now let's get into the products, starting with Bread's new mask-4768844' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' >clay mask (PSA: clay is not just for your face). This fresh offering isn't the post-shampoo deep conditioning mask you're used to. In fact, the clay-based detoxing mask is ideally used as a pre-shampoo treatment to soften and reset your curls while treating your scalp.

The stars of this deep cleansing treatment are Rhassoul clay and a blend of other clays like kaolin and bentonite. When combined, these ingredients draw out dirt and excess oils from your hair and scalp. They also have the added benefit of nourishing your scalp and curls.

Along with nourishing ingredients, you'll also find components derived from founder Maeva Heim's home country: Australian sandalwood powder and Australian Davidson plum extract. Rounding out the list are plenty of greens like broccoli seed extract, green tea leaf extract, and hemp seed oil. Combined they work together for squeaky clean hair and scalp.

The Scalp-Serum is also an anything-but-ordinary hair product. The green-tinged chemical exfoliant is like a tingly reset for your scalp. Exfoliating mandelic acid is derived from a key ingredient, cherry blossoms. And Davidson plum is the source of tartaric acid—another ingredient that helps exfoliate over time.

This is just an exfoliant, however. The serum is also soothing and cooling while providing itch relief, making it ideal for any scalp woes. Basically, it has you covered for a tender scalp post-braid appointment or even if your scalp is prone to flaking and dryness. However, because this is an exfoliating formula, make sure to try a patch test before using it all over if you have sensitive skin.

How To Use It

The dropper for the Scalp-Serum makes it easy to apply directly to your scalp for all hair types and styles (and yes, that includes your braids). This is an anytime product for instant calm, and you can use it alone or with the Mud- Mask. The Mud-Mask is a pre-wash treatment and can even help you extend the time between wash-days. Glide the mask through damp hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing and continuing the rest of your wash-day routine.

There you have it, scalp care to add to your wash day routine.

You can shop the Scalp-Serum and Mud-Mask at, in Sephora stores, and on

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