Brandys Daughter Saved Her Life from Suicidal Depression: I Had to Pull Myself Together

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If you can't do it for yourself, do it for her, the R&B singer thought to herself of her daughter Syrai, because this is not the way to leave a mark in her life.

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In the beginning, fame was pure joy for Brandy. By her late teens, she was already an R&B superstar with her own beloved coming-of-age sitcom, and shed become the first Black actress to play Cinderella onscreen. But as she matured, Brandy says, her perfect public image began to feel more constricting than uplifting.

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No.142 - Humectant

In 2006 Brandy was involved in a fatal car accident that killed a 38-year-old woman; Brandy, who was not charged criminally in the accident and settled out of court, declined to comment on the collision.

But after the accident, as well as the collapse of some personal relationships, the singer found herself in a dark place.

I remember laying in bed super depressed, she told People. I [told] myself, So, youre just going to go out like this? Thats wack. You have a daughter. If you cant do it for yourself, do it for her because this is not the way to leave a mark in her life.

Brandy debuted her comeback album, B7, earlier this summer. Brandy told People the records candor initially made her hesitant: I was thinking, Did I go too deep? Did I go too far in what I was singing about? But I didn't dwell on those thoughts.

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The album itself, People notes, has been a long time comingeight years, to be precise.

I was a little bit lost eight years ago musically, creatively, spiritually, Brandy told People. I had to pull myself together, I had to pull it all together and make it all make sense.

B7 is the first album Brandy has co-written and produced. Speaking with Billboard, she said doing so was a way for me to really use music to heal and be therapeutic. It felt different than anything that I had ever done, and its something that I felt like I needed to do.

If you or a loved one are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741

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