Brand Behind that Viral Rollerball Fragrance Launched a New Perfume, and it Makes Me Feel Invincible

It took me a while to find an everyday perfume I really, really loved — one that felt like me. Don't get me wrong: I like my Jimmy Choos, my Chloés, and my Jo Malones, but I was recently in the mood to switch up my scent (like switching up hair, guys!) so I tried out Lake & Skye's newest perfume, and it was love at first spray. Yes, it's a thing.

If the name Lake & Skye sounds familiar, it's probably because you've seen its viral 11 11 rollerball fragrance at some point along your internet searches. The 11 11 scent has amassed such a dedicated following with a 100 percent reorder rate, according to the brand, that it's a surprise it's even still in stock right now. It's fitting, then, that the brand is behind my new favorite vegan, cruelty-free perfume: Midnight 07.

Yes, Midnight 07 sounds kind of like a James Bond movie, and yes, it makes me feel just as invincible as Bond himself. Per the website, Midnight 07 is "an ode to nights spent dancing and laughing under the midnight sky. An alluring, mysterious, fruity fragrance composed of 07 key ingredients, inspired by the memories made after dark." When I wear it, I feel so confident and, well, totally invincible. Again, a haircut can totally change how you feel about yourself, but so can a spritz-spritz of an empowering fragrance, like this one.

Midnight 07 has exactly seven ingredients, hence the name. The top notes (aka the scent you smell first) are yuzu and fig, the middle notes, which appear once the top notes have faded, are rose and patchouli, while the base notes, the scents that last the longest, are vetiver, amber, and vanilla. The perfume is warm, cozy, and sexy, but in a very subtle, understated way.

I've tested a lot of perfumes in my time, but in the few short minutes I wore Midnight 07, I received an influx of compliments. One person said, "I love your perfume. It's a very lovely, non-overpowering smell." I couldn't agree more, and that's exactly why it's become my everyday option.

Shop Midnight 07 before it sells out, which it probably will, and get ready to feel invincible.

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