Black Cherry Hair Color Looks Like a Dreamy Bottle of Cherry Cola

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Black Cherry is one of those hair colors that can range from super subtle to extremely vibrant. It's a color to be favored amongst those of us with a darker natural base color. This rich pigment is a combination of deep violets and burgundy that can serve as an all-over natural-looking base with an amethyst sheen or it can be a more playful pop of color mixed into your naturally dark hue.

Lighter base colors and blondes might pick up more of the vibrancy and give off a brighter tint than we normally affiliate with this moody tone, but not to say it can't be done. Brighter colors are typically more work to maintain because they need to be touched up often to keep in tact, but black cherry's spectrum is a rich blend that will look effortlessly natural against dark roots as it grows out, with little upkeep to maintain.

Black Cherry Hair Color

Choosing a Shade: Since this color requires a dark base, the more "cherry" color you include, the more strands you'll have to highlight first (which means more damage). Assess your hair health with your colorist before deciding how cherry you want to go.

Maintenance Level: If your hair is naturally dark (or if you use your natural base), you'll see fairly soft grow-in and fade-out. If your hair is naturally light, you'll need regular appointments (about every other month) to touch up your roots and cherry highlights.

Goes Great With: Red lips, mauve lids

Similar Shades: Dark hair with highlights

Price: $150+ if you use your natural base and add the cherry highlights, $200+ if you dye your base darker and add the cherry highlights.

Black cherry hair color can be found as a semi-permanent in most drug stores and is super easy to achieve in your own time. If you try it on for size and totally fall in love, make a salon appointment and commit to this royal shade so it'll last longer than a few shampoos. We also found some inspo of more elaborate color techniques that would be worth taking into your colorist.

Naturally Rich

This hair color is a rich, creamy blend of cherry cola all around. By staying close to her naturally dark color level, these cherry hues are so effortlessly subtle that only the right light or clothing contrast can reveal her hair's playful surprise.

Natural Regrowth

If you start your black cherry color at your roots, your regrowth isn't going to be a stand-out item that says you must rush in for a touch-up stat. Naturally dark bases grow out well against black cherry color in a way that appears intentional, like an ombré. So if you're looking for a low-maintenance color change for your dark strands, keep black cherry in your consideration.

Vibrant Ends

One really creative way to wear a black cherry ombré is with a pop of vibrant purple at the ends. Any undertone to this trending shade such as violet, magenta, or burgundy is a perfect contrast to blend in really well with a black cherry color job. This A-line cut really lends itself to having those front ends stand out.

A Playful Pop of Color

Having a playful pop of hair color is normally enough of a statement on its own, that the rest of your beauty routine can be kept pretty low-maintenance. But if you're still looking to get dolled up or take things up a notch, try pairing those newly tinted strands with a bold pout to match.

Keep Things Soft

This black cherry blend has a softer edge to it than some of the others on this list. With softer colors that are less sharp or vibrant, try pairing with softer styles. Instead of flat ironed ends or distinctly tousled waves, turn to a round brush for your straight hair blowouts or run a brush through your waves. Softer styles will complement soft color blends really well and make your cut and color combo a perfectly synched duo.

Grown-Out Balayage

If you happen to have some grown out balayage that's too much work for you to get touched up regularly, try painting over it with a cherry-toned tint instead. Lighter strands will pick up more of the vibrant magentas in this color trend, but as that bleach fades away, your touch-ups will leave you with a darker, richer hue.

Tantalizing and Tousled

A cut and color really stand out when they complement one another. This tousled a-line haircut and beautifully rich black cherry hair color are a tantalizing duo that has left us wondering if we should add this look to our docket of beauty to-dos. When you can't decide if it's the cut or color you like more, you know you've found a perfect pair.

Hinted Hues

Replace your typical highlight considerations with random hints of black cherry hues for a subtle (yet somehow still bold) color choice. For a similar look, ask your colorist to place these subtle streaks below the surface so they peak out in all the right places as your hair moves.

Violet Cherry

This borderline violet cherry look incorporates a root shadow for a soft, gradual grow-out ideal for those who can't commit to regular touch-ups at the salon.

Balayaged Ombré

For a masterful technique like this balayaged ombre, be sure you're not making any DIY attempts at home with your color. This is a request for the pros and we love the way these strands are dripping cherry from their dark natural base.

Black Cherry Fulani Braids

Adding color to your braids is a great protective hairstyle that doesn't risk the same potential damage to your strands as coloring them would. Fulani braids, like the ones seen here, can give the illusion that black cherry is your hair color because they are woven so tightly at the scalp.

Subtle Cherry

Looking to incorporate cherry in a natural way? This style exemplifies a particular technique where the cherry is painted on without highlighting the hair first, which creates the subtlest cherry hue on dark hair (rather than more stark cherry sections).

Marbled Shine

This marbled blend of black cherry looks natural and effortless. With magenta and violet tones shining through in the light, you're sure to turn a few heads.

Red Velvet

If you apply dark cherry hair color to pre-lightened strands, there's a chance your first color attempt will pull some of the brighter tones in the bunch, like magenta, which is a beautiful contrast to your dark cherry base color.

With black cherry hair color, try using color-preserving shampoos and conditioners, as well as heat protectants prior to any styling to keep your color vibrancy alive longer.

Amethyst Sheen

A little sheen goes a long way. To cheat your way there as your color begins to dull itself out, pick up a shine spray and gloss over your strands to make those amethyst tones really pop out.

Just the Tips

Sometimes baby steps are the best way to transition into change, and that goes for your hair color as well. Test drive some color on the ends of your hair if you're feeling unsure. If you decide you don't like it after all, it's an easy fix to snip those ends off and never look back.

Backwards Ombré

Although what we're seeing in this photo is simply a matter of lighting, it's inspiring another fun way to wear black cherry hair. If you let your roots be on the brighter end of the color spectrum and melt their way into black cherry ends, what you have is a backwards ombré. Keep a close variance in your colors to make it less drastic.

Healthy Strands

There's a lot you can do to keep your strands healthy despite having undergone a color transformation. To avoid frizzing, squeeze the moisture out of your hair after showering instead of rubbing it together, and be sure to use a nonabrasive fabric like jersey, cotton, or a microfiber towel. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will also support your strands to be silky smooth.

Balayage Bits

Curly hair is a great candidate for balayage hair color. The balayage technique will naturally find the best placement for your color to exist, giving dark cherry bits like this the ease to manage and maintain.

Regal Tones

On one end of the dark cherry spectrum is where you'll pull those deeply regal violet tones. Appearing black for the most part, any violet tones in dark cherry hair color are so subtle that only the light can display their true color.

Easy Glaze

To get all-over black cherry hair color you might just need easy all-over glaze that you're able to do yourself from the comfort of your home. Brands like Garnier, L'Oreal, Overtone, Wella and plenty of other renowned companies make both permanent and semi-permanent color options in black cherry that are easily accessible at your local drug store or online. Be sure to follow manufacturer's directions for use and cover things up to avoid staining.

Curly Cherry

Black cherry hair color looks great on any type of texture: straight, wavy, curly, coily, and everywhere in-between. When you add a vibrant color to pre- existing texture, your end result is low-maintenance hair that's ready to go as- is.

Dark Cherry Bob

You don't need a ton of surface area to wear the dark cherry trend; the right colorist can create a dimensional look with layers of deep brunette and bright cherry perfectly blended in a lob, bob, or pixie cut.

Blood Orange Cherry

If you tire of your dark cherry highlights, you can transition (fairly easily) to this blood orange shade with just a gloss treatment. Dark blood orange hair looks brighter in direct light, and more subtle-to-cherry colored under regular lighting.

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