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Biden is Officially Convinced that Putin Has Decided to Invade Ukraine

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

Bidens remarks in a Friday afternoon address are an alarming departure from previous measured statements from his administration that Putin hadnt made his decision yet.

(Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP)

Its all part of what appears to be Putins plan to claim Ukraine is the aggressor, not Russia, and that Russian forces must go in in order to protect and instill peace.

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Russia state media also continues to make phony allegations of a genocide taking place in the Donbass and push fabricated claims warning about Ukraines attack on Russia without any evidence, Biden said Friday. All of these are consistent with the playbook the Russians have used before to set up a false justification to act against Ukraine.

The State Department reiterated that the information coming out of Russian media is highly dubious and misleading.

We have been warning for weeks about false flag events that Russia would use as a pretext to justify an attack on Ukraine, a State Department Spokesperson told ishonest of the false claims circulating in Eastern Ukraine. In the past few days, Russian media has been spreading false alarms and claims to maximize public outrage with baseless allegations. This is fundamental part of their playbook. We are certainly concerned that these incidents could be fake events they staged to justify an attack.

The DNRs Pushilin seems almost as resigned as Biden to conflict. When asked earlier Friday about whether war is coming he said, "Unfortunately, yes."

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In the coming days, even though Putin may have decided to invade, there are some glimmers of hope. Secretary of State Tony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are potentially slated for a meeting next week, according to Biden.

Until he does [invade], diplomacy is always a possibility, Biden said.

And although diplomacy still remains on the table, fallout from Bidens remarks that Putin has decided to invade could have sweeping implications for civilians in Ukraine, for the financial sector, or the energy sector, and even for democracies around the world. Some fear that if Putin is able to go into Ukraine and attack its neighbor, other autocrats may take a hint to advance their agendas on the world stage, too.

My concern is also that China is watching, you worry about China taking over Taiwan. You worry about Iran and a breakout to a nuclear weapon, Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), who sits on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, said on Fox News this week. And if Putin is able to invade and take Ukraine easily Im very concerned those other areas may go as well.

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