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Having amazing hair is one thing, but amazing-smelling hair? That’s a whole other ball game. Sure, we love our sacred shower essentials for delivering a beautiful scent while we suds and scrub (shout out to good smelling hair masks), but in all honesty, by the time we’ve brushed, blown, and styled, that beautiful aroma is a thing of the past. Besides, as much as we appreciate a luxurious scent, heavily fragranced hair products meant to cleanse (not smell) are probably not the healthiest option for your tresses anyway.

That being said, we can’t deny the glee we experience when someone comments on how amazing our hair smells. In fact, we kind of live for it. So, what’s the secret? Three words: scented hair oil. Delivering moisture, nutrients, and an addictive scent, hair oils are your best bet for achieving healthy, shiny, and seriously sniff-worthy hair.

This lightly floral-scented oil is formulated with a blend of six oils to leave your hair soft, silky, and tangle-free. Besides the great smell and initial benefits, it also helps to protect your hair against heat and UV damage. It's ideal for dry, damaged, or color-treated hair.

Aside from making your strands sleek and frizz-free, this hair oil contains notes of violet, gardenia, ylang ylang, and white musk. You can practically smell it through the screen. It works well on all hair types, from straight to coily. It's also suitable for color-treated strands.

This hair oil is contains vegetable oils to protect and strengthen your hair. The formula will leave your strands soft, smooth, and radiant. Squeeze a few drops into your hand, rub between your palms to warm, and work throughout your hair.

Yes, this perfume can be used on both your skin and your hair! The oil contains notes of peony, lily of the valley, and musk. While it won't help style your strands, it's the perfect finishing touch for those who have a tried-and-true hair routine but still want good smelling hair.

Another option for both your hair and skin, this oil will help detangle your hair will giving it a clean, fresh scent. It can be used as a rinse-out option after shampooing or as a styling product post-shower. Not to mention it has UVA and UVB filters to protect your strands from the sun's damaging rays.

This dry oil is formulated to help dry hair, leaving it soft and nourished with a satin finish. Bonus points: It can also be used on your skin. The scent features notes of jasmine, ylang ylang, and saffron.

This lightweight oil for damaged hair contains kukui, apricot, and coconut oils to leave your strands silky soft and free of frizz. As for the scent, you can expect a ready-for-spring floral. Apply it as an overnight mask by working a few drops through your mane and rinsing out in the morning or add it to your conditioner as part of your daily shower routine.

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