Beloved Beauty Products that Just Went on Sale

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

Regardless of where you fall on the Sephora shopper hierarchy, all you need is the code SPRINGSAVE at checkout and a shopping strategy. Since everything is basically on sale, we recommend snagging your all-time favorites that won’t disappoint, plus a few new treats that you’ve always wanted to try. Below, 12 products we think you’ll want to make room for in your cart.

A Perfect Lip Balm

I have hooked multiple people on this rich, non-waxy lip balm. If regular chapstick is Morton Williams stick butter, this stuff is fancy restaurant compound butter. Even okay butter is still good, because it’s butter, but get the fancy lip balm butter. You deserve it. Put it on before you go to sleep, and be amazed by how soft your lips are in the morning. —Kathleen Hou, beauty director

A Hydrating Mask for Thirsty Hair

ishonest No.222 - Fine Lines & Wrinkles

No.222 - Fine Lines & Wrinkles

With shine-boosting green-tea seed oil and hydrating turmeric butter as its star ingredients, this nourishing hair mask is like one of those nutritious specialty lattes for your hair. The satisfyingly thick formula adds shine, softness and hydration to dry hair in as little as three minutes, but once you have it on, your hair will want to sit for a while and savor every sip. —E.S.

The Tinted Moisturizer That Does It All

I am on my sixth tube of this product, which is best described as a super-tinted moisturizer. It feels like moisturizer, but it has the coverage of a medium foundation, and makes my skin (even my dark eye circles) look smooth and even- toned after two swipes. It also has a strong dose of SPF 50. Its creamy-but- not-heavy texture means you can use your hands or a beauty blender to apply it. I like recommending this to people, because it works for a wide range of people and skin types. My friends with eczema like that it’s fragrance-free and doesn’t irritate their skin. My only complaint is that the shade range could be more extensive, but they are working on it. —K.H.

A Brush That Can Work All the Angles

This foundation brush is designed with tapered edges to get into tricky-to- reach spots (like the sides of your nose). There’s also a flat side for adding extra layers, so that you can get more coverage without looking cakey. —Jane Larkworthy, beauty-editor-at-large

The Ideal Smokey Eye Quad

A lot of us are using this extra time to improve our skills at a hobby, like bread-baking or dusting off a long-discarded guitar. How about upping your smokey-eye game? This compact has shades of steely blue-grey and charcoal grey, which cover the majority of the makeup look, plus lighter shades to broaden the spectrum. Add a wet brush in to intensify the look further, or a thin liner brush to add a cat-eye flick.—J.L.

An Exfoliator for Baby Soft Skin

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If you struggle to stick with an exfoliating schedule as I often do, I’ve found that this once-a-week ritual helps keep much-needed shedding on track. Apply this 20-minute mini-facial to dry skin and you get treated to a satisfying tingling sensation that assures you all the gunk, grime, and dead skin are evacuating the premises while a blend of chemical exfoliants go to work. Simply rinse off when time’s up and you are left with soft, smooth, even-looking skin that is very much baby. —E.S.

The Best Warm-Weather Moisturizer

If I were Oprah, I would give everyone in the audience this moisturizer plus the Laneige lip balm. The combination is a guarantee for skin happiness. Gel moisturizers are generally the least hydrating, according to dermatologists. But this one, despite its gel-cream feel, packs a serious punch. It’s great for warm weather when you don’t want to slather something creamy onto your skin that will inevitably drip down your face. This is a limited-edition version, with a slightly larger size and packaging that calls to Tatcha’s commitment to the Room To Read charity, but there is a smaller and slightly cheaper one too. —K.H.

A Soothing Moisturizer for Bedtime

If you’re not a fan of heavy creams sitting on your skin, allow this night gel to step in for the role of night cream. Like its name suggests, the lightweight formula is meant to be the last step in your routine, creating a soft cocoon that locks in moisture, vitamin C, and whatever else you decided to slap on before it. And the calming sandalwood and lavender make it the perfect thing to breathe in right before you go to bed. —E.S.

The Best Eye Shadow For Non-Eye-Shadow Wearers

I have brown eyes. No flecks of hazel, no twinkle of cinnamon, no violet dots – just plain brown. That’s fine. But with Charlotte Tilbury’s eye-shadow pencils, specifically designed to maximize the prettiness of any eye color, I think my brown becomes elevated to tiger-eye topaz, or even chocolate-gray, if I stare at myself till I become cross-eyed. I find eye shadow wasted on me because most of it gets swallowed up by my hooded lids. But despite that, I like swiping this pencil over my entire eyelid and then using a finger or a brush to blend it out, so there is a soft blend of color. It somehow is easy to blend, but doesn’t wind up sliding all over the place. I like the amber color, and there are eight to choose from. —K.H.

A Skincare Set for the Man in Your Home

Should you be sequestered with a male roommate — romantic partner, brother, dad, or straight-up roommate — wouldn’t it be nice to surprise him with his own skin- care kit? This five-piece set includes shave lube, skin cleanser, moisturizer, body lotion and a cool charcoal body bar with a waffle-iron kind of surface to massage into tense muscles. And, at nearly a third of the original price, seems like a wise investment that might steer him away from nosing through your own stash.—J.L.

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