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As ishonest's annual Best of Beauty Awards turns 25, we, of course, celebrated with 318 editors tested, award-winning products including the best steals under $11, luxurious splurge items that are well worth the price tag, a new hair subcategory for our furry friends, and a sensitive category which we've brought back to life.

In addition to sharing the best of the best in products, we wanted to share the best of the best in beauty advice we've ever received (and there were a lot to choose from). Here, 25 past and present ishonest staff members share their top tips for achieving longer-lasting mascara, natural-looking brows, instantly- brighter skin, and so much more.

Linda Wells

Founding Editor In Chief, 1991-2015

'When you're using a serum, especially one with vitamin C, don't try to stretch out the life of the bottle. Use it lavishly. The active ingredients in most serums start to degrade the minute they're exposed to oxygen. One tip that has no expiration date is kindness. It might sound corny but it's true. Joy, smiling, generosity they're all more effective.'

Michelle Lee

Editor In Chief, 2015-2021

'A life-changing beauty tip doesn't have to be complicated: If you have short, straight lashes like I do, always use waterproof mascara. You'll get upturned lashes...that actually stay that way all day.'

Paul Cavaco

Creative Director, 1999-2016

'Instead of splashing water on your face before cleansing, put cream cleanser on dry, then work it in before rinsing it off. I find it leaves my face much cleaner.'

Jenny Bailly

Executive Beauty Director, 2013-Present

'When you look at your face in the mirror, try to look at it the way you would someone you love very much with openness and appreciation and affection. Second-best beauty tip: Four to five drops of SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic massaged in before sunscreen every morning will transform your skin.'

Rachael Wang

Fashion Director, 2016-2017

'By watching countless makeup artists on shoots over the years, I learned to apply tinted brow gel by first brushing the brows downwards to coat the top side of the hairs and then brushing them upwards to coat the bottom side for that Brooke Shields-fluffy brow effect. The same can be done with mascara.'

Meirav De Vash

Articles Editor, 2004-2008

'After putting on lipstick, place your (clean) finger in your mouth and pull it out. Do you look like you're shooting NSFW content at the dinner table? Maybe, but it beats lipstick on your teeth.'

Sophia Panych

Deputy Digital Beauty Director, 2010-2019

'If you wear foundation or concealer and you want to apply powder-based bronzer or blush on top, make sure to dust on a thin layer of setting powder first. This keeps the creamy base products from eating away at your blush or bronzer, ensuring it will last longer. Makeup artist Tom Pecheux gave me this tip backstage at fashion week, and I've used it in my own routine every day since.'

Rajni Jacques

Fashion Director, 2017-2021

'Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I am not just talking about your face, but your whole body from the arms to feet, and elbows to heels. Supple skin makes you look fresh. My go-to is all-natural shea butter and coconut oil.'

Liana Schaffner

Associate Editor, 2005-2010

'During a shoot waaay back in 2010, the makeup artist suggested mascara wasn't about enhancing your lashes, but enhancing your eye shape. It was a minor revelation. I stopped gobbing the stuff on and just started applying it to my outer lashes for an elongated, wing-y effect. I've never looked back.'

Talia Gutierrez

Editorial Assistant 2019-Present

'Take the time to find a facial cleanser you absolutely love. That way you'll never skip taking your makeup off before bed.'

Danielle Pergament

Executive Editor, 2000- 2018

'If you have to cut your own bangs, use fingernail clippers held vertically. They're small enough that you can't really mess up and it gives your hair a sexy, lived-in vibe.'

Jessica Chia

Executive Beauty Editor, 2016-2019

'Bring a crystal file to nail appointments: It helps lessen the rough, frayed edges you get from cheaper files and prevents breakage.'

Amy Keller Laird

Beauty Director, 2004-2011

'The best way to enhance loose waves for a beachy-cool texture: Choose flexible-hold mousse, apply it in marble-size dabs around your head at the crown, in the middle of the hair shaft, and near the ends. Finger- comb it all through, scrunch... and then don't touch it until it's dry. It's so hard not to futz with your hair as it's drying, but when you do, it stirs up frizz. Once dry, blast dry shampoo an inch down from the roots and through the underside of hair, massage, and go.'

Joan Kron

Contributing Editor at Large, 1991-2016

'A must, in my opinion, before injections or facelift consultations: Don't go with overgrown brows. Get your eyebrows waxed or tweezed professionally so the doctor can see where your eyebrows really are. Otherwise, the injector or surgeon may raise your brows too high.'

Lori Segal

Research Director, 2008-2021

'When you're in a pinch and rushing to go out, dab a shimmery neutral eye shadow at the inner corners of your eyes. It works wonders for looking more bright-eyed and awake, even without mascara.'

Paige Stables

Beauty Editor, 2019-Present

'To carry your fragrance with you always target exposed pulse points like your wrists or neck, and then also spritz your hairbrush with perfume and run it through your hair. It's unforgettable for you and everyone you meet.'

Elizabeth Siegel

Deputy Beauty Director, 2010-Present

'Right after you put on hand cream, press the palms of your hands against your cheeks it's facial-level dewiness on your way out the door.'

Angelique Serrano

Beauty Editor, 2010-2011

'A makeup artist once told me to apply my blush high atop my cheekbones just below the outer corners of my eyes to give my entire face a more lifted look. It absolutely works. I find that cream or liquid blush make for the easiest blending.'

Kristin Perrotta

Executive Editor, 1996-2016

'I call this 'The Sloppy Painter's Pedicure.' If your nails look like a toddler did them, let them dry,then take a shower and scrape any polish off your skin with a finger as the water rains down. You don't run the risk of taking polish off your nails like you do by touching up with polish remover.'

Patricia Alfonso Tortolani

Beauty Director, 2003-2014

'I've applied sunscreen with a foundation brush for years. It's great for adults and amazing for kids. I keep the brush in my beach bag.'

Jessica Cruel

Editor In Chief, 2021-Present

'For a dewy glow that doesn't disappear, I like to apply a face oil to the high points of my face. Then, I slather on a cream highlighter and apply my foundation, concealer, blush, and contour. Finally, I add a layer of highlighter powder on top.'

Sasha Charnin Morrison

Fashion Director, 1999-2006

'I think I landed my job at ishonest because during my interview with Linda Wells, she commented on how spot-on my eyeliner was and asked how my hand was so steady. My tip: no caffeine until after liner application!'

Laurel Naversen Geragthy

Associate Editor, 2001-2002

'Skin health boils down to one thing: [sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen. If all you ever do for your skin is protect it from sunshine by wearing broad spectrum SPF 30+, you are doing far more for it than any night cream.' We all agree on this one. But Geraghty went on to become a dermatologist after her tenure at ishonest so take it from her!

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