Beauty Products Alicia Yoon Uses to The Last Drop

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Peach & Lily serum, Olio e Osso lip balm, and Lord Jones body oil.

The Harvard Business School graduate has high expectations for anything that goes remotely near her face. “My approach [before aesthetician school] was guesswork when it came to my skin; now it’s hyper-methodical,” she says. “I take note of every last ingredient, keep up with studies, analyze what worked, what didn’t, reactions, how something felt one hour later versus one week later — foundational both for myself and for creating products for others.”

The products that she loves — and that have earned a coveted spot on her beauty shelf — have an extra emotional pull. “They change more than the appearance of your skin or your hair, it’s downright uplifting using them,” she explains. Among them, you’ll find Omorovicza’s Firming Body Oil (“It’s so luxurious going on, leaves skin baby soft, but there’s no sticky or heavy oil left behind”), Rootree’s Mobitherapy UV Sun Shield (“Literally the best sunscreen I’ve tried — zero white cast, so lightweight, and doesn’t irritate”), and Eco Your Skin’s Meso Ampoule (“When it comes to targeting texture concerns, this gives me visible results really quickly”). And though they may live in the kitchen, she readily lists sardines as a beauty shelf must-have. We are what we eat, and “healthy skin requires healthy food full of omega 3’s, vitamins, and minerals.” She recommends King Oscar sardines drizzled in extra virgin olive oil. Throw them over a bowl of quinoa, she recommends, and you’re on your way to glowing skin.

The latest addition to her vanity — and Peach & Lily’s latest launch — is a precursor to a growing K-beauty trend. “Protecting your skin from daily stressors, including pollution, is a big topic because SPF only filters out UV rays and not all the other stressors that can actually look a lot like sun damage,” she says. “Beauty innovation on anti-pollution is exciting in Korea!” The Skin Shield Blurring Primer acts as both a complement to SPF and a primer for make-up, using a proprietary ingredient complex called VoluSmooth™ that is 100 percent plant-based and filled with protective antioxidants. “It not only serves as your skin’s bodyguard, it leaves a beautiful smooth, blurred finish — without a drop of silicone.”

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