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Astrology Has a Feminine Side: Discover The Feminine Star Signs for IWD

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

This International Women’s Day, find out which star signs are feminine and what does that mean? We find out with a look at the earth signs and water signs

Text: Jo

We’re all aware of star signs, but did you know that each one is split into masculine and feminine groups? Us neither. This has nothing to do with gender but relates more to how you deal with problems and how you act and react to life around you — some situations may call for more masculine energy, others for feminine. Certain zodiac signs take on more masculine qualities but that does not mean they affect men more or less. Similarly, other signs take on feminine attributes but do not affect only women. This International Women’s Day, we deep dive into the planets and our zodiac.

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No.312 - Prevent Acne

Looking for a sign

The western astrological zodiac consists of twelve signs, from Aries to Pisces. The 12 signs are then further divided into the four elements like this:

Fire Signs Earth Signs Air Signs Water Signs

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer

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Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio

Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Signs in the earth and water elements are feminine (italicised columns) and signs in the fire and air elements are masculine. Now, most people would simply look for their (Sun) sign in the table above, and simply conclude that they are masculine or feminine. For example, if you happened to be a Gemini, you would locate it in the Air Element column and decide you were a ‘masculine’ person.

But not so fast. To properly determine whether you are more ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’, you would have to take all the planets’ signs into consideration, not just the Sun. Hence, it is possible for a Gemini man to be more ‘feminine’ in personality, and for a Scorpio woman to be more ‘masculine’ in personality’.

ishonest No.141 - Humectant

No.141 - Humectant

What Does It Mean When A Sign Is Feminine?

The concept of feminine and masculine in astrology signs isn’t actually related to human biological gender at all, but to whether the sign represented an outward thrust of energy (masculine signs) or if the energies were directed inwards (feminine signs).

While the masculine signs are more associated with warfare, pursuit, outward engagement and pushing boundaries, the feminine signs represent a singular concept of inward security.

Earth signs and water signs are considered highly compatible with each other, and together form the basis of the natural world, including feminine concepts like nurturing life, providing food and nourishment, emotional serenity and feeling safe.

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The two elements in feminine signs are also considered inter-dependent, since water requires the solid structure of earth to give it shape, form and flow, while earth requires the moistness and nutrients of water for it to support life and produce sustenance.

In a human personality, the strong presence of feminine signs can describe personalities who are very homely, value predictability and are highly aware of their direct physical environment. Feminine signs tend to be very risk-averse, with earth signs requiring material security, and water signs seeking emotional security.

Behaviours tend towards preferring stable and familiar sources of income, being in the company only with people they are familiar with, and strong preferences regarding their physical environment, for both material and emotional comfort.

ishonest No.401 - Dark Circles

No.401 - Dark Circles

Feminine touch

For most people, it’s quite comforting to have these ‘feminine’ people around since they’re unlikely to fly off the handle on a whim, are very good at supporting a family or team, and are often prudent about the use of resources.

There are behavioural downsides to being very feminine, however, and these include not being open to new experiences and people, sticking to unsatisfactory situations due to fear of losing material or emotional security, and sometimes paranoia from constantly examining their lives for potential threats and breakdowns.

So, there you have it. Are you more feminine or masculine? Check out your birth chart with this free astrology chart generator: https: // generator/

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May Sim is a professional astrologer with 17 years’ experience, and the founder of Selfstrology Academy based in Singapore. She is a great advocate of self- understanding, personal transformation, and living a life of purpose and contribution.

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