Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021: Foreo Skin Care Devices are Up to 30% Off

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Amazon Prime Day deals are finally here, and the Prime Day beauty deals this year are better than ever. Case in point: Swedish skin care brand Foreo, which is famous for its high-tech, fast-acting skin care devices (a handful of which have taken home wins from ishonest's Beauty Awards) is steeply on sale for the shopping bonanza. We're talking prices slashed up to 30% offso, yeah, like we said, the deals are good.

Everyone from celebrity facialists to very impassioned Amazon reviewers swear that Foreo makes the single best skin care tool they've ever used. Considering these devices target your specific skin type to give you a customizable treatment while also removing makeup, oil and dirt, it's not hard to see why.

Even better? Newcomers like the Bear, Foreo's answer to the NuFace, are included in the sale. The powerhouse cleansing devices and serum infusers the brand built its reputation on are up for grabs for way, way less than you'll be able to get them any other time of the year. From the facial cleansing brush that'll transform your skin care routine to the smart masking device that gives you all the benefits of a face mask in 90 seconds flat, here are all the Foreo devices and Amazon Prime Day deals you can't miss.

Foreo Bear Facial Toning Device

Lifting? Smoothing? Firming? The gang's all here with this microcurrent device, which won rave reviews from our reviewer and is currently available at a sweet, sweet 25% off. It delivers the results of a microcurrent facial and lymphatic drainage treatment at the same time, according to our reviewer, who also noted: After one week my cheekbones looked like they had returned fresh from a filler tweakment, and my jawline sharpened up as well.'

Foreo Luna 3 Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing & Firming Massage Device

Luna 3 is a facial cleansing brush and face massager designed for sensitive skin (although everyone can and should use it). With over 400 glowing reviews on Amazon, it's evident this facial cleansing brushwhich features a 30% larger brush head than the Luna 2works for a wide range of people; even the skeptics said they now can't imagine their skin care routine without it. We'd recommend pairing it with a deep-cleaning face wash for your best cleanse yet.

Foreo UFO 2

Everyone loves the idea of a good face mask, but not everyone has the time to sit with one on. Luckily the Foreo UFO 2 Smart Mask Treatment Device exists it gives you all the benefits of your favorite face mask in just 90 seconds. It's also fully customizable. All you have to do is sync the product up with an app, type in whether you want to focus on hydration, acne, or any other specific concerns, and it'll calibrate its treatment for your needs. Just pop the mask into your UFO and scan the bar code from the mask's packaging to get started. It's guaranteed to do the trick no matter how bad of a day your skin is having.

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