All The Details on Demi Lovato's Super Bowl Hair, Makeup, and Tan

Before Shakira and Jennifer Lopez take the Super Bowl Halftime Show stage, Demi Lovato kicked off Super Bowl LIV with the National Anthem. With an estimated 98 million viewers watching you sing arguably the most famous song in U.S. History, your makeup better be on point, and Demi and her glam team delivered.

Makeup artist Jill Powell used a full face of Armani Beauty products to create Lovato's natural, glowy glam. She's wearing winged-out golden shadow tinged with charcoal, her signature bold brows, and a glossy nude lip. As for hair, stylist Paul Norton gave her waist-length hair a tight, polished wave, then kept it loose and luxurious for the performance. Her black hair stood out even stronger in contrast to her sharp white suit.

"The first thing we think about is the huge audience," say Powell. "Her look had to be something that would cater to everybody. We wanted to ensure it was chic, beautiful, would complement her outfit, look amazing on TV and everyone would love it." Easy job, right? With all that in mind, they decided on an "ethereal bronze-gold goddess look." They wanted the focus to be on Lovato's eyes, so she chose a golden shadow and added an espresso brown shade for smokiness.

"[Lovato] is a singer, and we wanted the focus to be on her voice, not her mouth," Powell explains. She opted for a sheer nude brown that was eye-catching without drawing focus away from her goddess-themed eye makeup and godly voice. Powell created the look with Armani Beauty Rouge d'Armani Sheer Lipstick in 205, Armani Beauty Smooth Silk Lip Pencil in 2, and Armani Beauty Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss.

A performance this big is about more than just day-of glam, which is why tan artist Kristyn Pradas flew down to Miami for a Saturday night spray. "She wanted a very natural, medium tan," Pradas tells ishonest. "I do a full contour for the face and body to make sure that she doesn't look completely one color." To create the look, she made a custom shade from her own Pradas Glow line using two different levels of developer.

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