Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris Reveal Their Go-To Beauty Products

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As a pandemic swept in to dominate our lives this spring, countless live-in couples were confronted with the reality that there is such thing as too much "together time." We'd guess that wasn't the case for National Women's Soccer League stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger, who've been partners for a decade and married since 2019. After all, they've been competing together on a team that has won four Olympic gold medals and four World Cup titles. In other words: They've spent a lot of time together already, doing the same job and fighting for the same goals, including equal pay across men's and women's professional sports teams.


HARRIS: : You cannot sweat that stuff off.

HARRIS: We're going to be on television; we better be looking cute!

KRIEGER: I'll wear foundation and L'Oréal Paris Double Extend Mascara with the primer and topcoat.

KRIEGER: We both use EltaMD from our dermatologist and Alastin tinted moisturizer cream.

HARRIS: We need at least SPF 30.

KRIEGER: When I play, I wear my hair in a high bun with two or three hairbands to keep it tight. I spray the whole thing with Bumble and bumble Bb Strong Finish Hairspray to keep my flyaways out of my face. Ash wears her hair half up and half down.

HARRIS: I like Bumble and bumble Sumoclay because it's matte, it keeps my wispies back, and my hair doesn't get crunchy. [Krieger and Harris have a partnership with the brand.]

HARRIS: Alastin retinol, every second day. Retinol makes my face look so much better, especially with discolored spots and sun damage.

KRIEGER: I use SkinBetter Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment. And then I use SkinBetter Rejuvenate Correcting Serum for my melasma. And then sunscreen.

KRIEGER: I love Cetaphil makeup remover wipes. I keep them everywhere.

KRIEGER: MAC eyelash curler.

HARRIS: My Glossier Boy Brow. I have them in every bag. I want them in bigger sizes!

HARRIS: The only thing that drives me crazy is (and it's not all the time), but she'll go to bed without washing off her mascara.

KRIEGER: Ashlyn can go a long time without washing her hair. I know that you shouldn’t wash it every day... but I think she should try to wash it more.

HARRIS: My hair gets poofy when I wash it.

HARRIS: We've been watching a lot of surf documentaries, like Momentum Generation and also And Two If By Sea with the Hobgood brothers.

KRIEGER: It's so relatable because they're traveling all over the world and leaving their families and their friends to perform at all of these tournaments, and it takes a toll on you.

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Now, watch Krieger and Harris quiz each other on their beauty routines:

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