Alexa Chung Has Officially Killed The Bob, so Now I'm Growing My Hair

Obviously, we have completely different hair types and look nothing alike, so chances of me resembling Alexa Chung are slim to none. However, I believe that her hair epitomises that effortless cool-girl look so many of us crave. It's safe to say that Chung has mastered the ultimate bob—until now. Yes, Alexa Chung has grown her hair long for the first time in a long time, and now all I can think about is doing the same. After all, wherever Chung's hair goes, I follow.

She's been growing it for a while, but recently, we've been noticing her length more and more. That said, it's time for us to upgrade our teeny tiny ponytails for long, free-flowing ones; to pull our neatly tucked bob out from behind our ears and let it fall down past our shoulders.

The side part

Chung's outfit oozes Upper East Side Manhattan, so to match, she opted for a sweeping side fringe and barely there waves.

Subtle waves

Reworking her classic centre-parted tousled waves but in longer form, we're obsessed with this low-maintenance look.

Half-up, half-down

This classic half-up half-down look would have looked completely different when she had a bob, but with longer hair, she's able to conceal the length at the back of her head with only her grown-out fringe on show. It's classic but elevated.

Baby Braids

When you’ve got naturally tousled texture, all you have to do is add two baby braids and you’ve got an instant hairstyle. And for those of us lacking natural texture, there’s always Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray ($27).

Other looks we love

Slicked back bob

This might not be your new everyday look, but for an event, this slicked-back bob is everything and more. Team your wet-look with some cute earrings, like Chung's.

The Bun

Not all buns are created equal. Chung’s signature bun is always a bit undone as if it’s holding on by thread, which is the beauty of the "Chung bun." The secret to keeping it place? Strategically placed bobby pins.

Braided Pigtails

Pigtails braids are a definite risk. However, Chung manages to keep them playful without looking juvenile by making the braids tight but not too polished.

Braids and a Hat

Another way to sport braids? With a hat. Just make them a bit messy. This is a perfect look for third- or fourth-day hair.

Simple and tousled

Chung proves that there's nothing boring about a tousled bob with this low-key look.

Pulled-back waves

Even when she’s sporting a more polished look, the hair is never too forced. Smooth waves pulled back into a ponytail with a few pieces left out is absolutely a look to copy.

Braided crown

Chung is the queen of braids and waves. So much so that even her braided crown incorporates wavy bangs. Bangs or no bangs, this look is easy to recreate. Just make two pigtail braids, flip them up on top of your head, and pin them in place.Which Alexa Chung hairstyle do you want to try? Come tell us in The British Beauty Line.

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