Addison Rae on The $10 Face Oil that Makes Her Skin Glow

For Rae, beauty isn’t just makeup and skincare. It’s also about ensuring you take the proper time to take care of yourself. "There are so many things that I associate with beauty," Rae says. "Even just mentally, when you’re in a good headspace, you can feel really good about yourself physically too. I’ve been doing a lot of Pilates lately, which has made me feel so much better. I feel like after you do a workout or after you take some time for yourself—you have a different glow than when you don’t really focus on yourself.” For more on all the beauty tools and tips Addison Rae can’t live without, keep reading.

The One Thing That Keeps Her Skin Glowy

"Oh my gosh. The Jason Maximum Strength Vitamin E Skin Oil ($10). I literally just put that on my skin—on top of anything—and it makes my skin look glowy. It’s another step with my moisturizer. I apply my moisturizer and then add the vitamin E oil to give it that glow. I really love it."

The One Makeup Product You Can't Stop Talking About

"Honestly, my Item Beauty Lash Snack ($14). I love everything about it. I think the formula is amazing. It makes my eyelashes really spread out and full, and it's very easy to layer. I love being able to start the day with a very subtle lash and then add on throughout the day to make it more dramatic for the night."

The One Skincare Product You Use Every Single Day

"The Item Beauty Lite Sauce Balancing Gel Moisturizer ($20). Keeping my skin moisturized has been progressively more important, with the weather changing and things like that. My skin is super sensitive, so being able to stay moisturized has been a savior for my skin."

The One Thing That Keeps You Grounded

"Spending time with my friends and family completely offline. Disconnecting from social media and toxic environments—just really spending time with them and being with them."

"There are so many good ones at this very moment. Probably the phone passing one!"

The One Beauty Tip You Learned From A Pro That You Swear By

"Icing your face. Zoey Deutch did a Vogue beauty secrets video, and she used the Georgia Louise Cryo Freeze Tools ($124). They’re these circle things—you put them in the freezer, and you literally rub them on your face in the morning. This is the biggest thing I’ve learned, especially for reducing inflammation and circulating the blood in your face in the morning. This is something I've had to do because my skin has just been so dry over the night, and it really bounces it back to life.”

The One Thing You're Most Excited About This Year

"I’m excited for the chance to adjust to how the new year is going to be. But, I'm definitely very excited to drop my skincare line.'

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