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30 Edgy Braided Mohawks You Need to Check Out

Curated by Claudia Shannon / Research Scientist / ishonest

30 Edgy Braided Mohawks You Need To Check Out Right Now

1. Twisted Mohawk

Twists are one of the biggest fashion statements of our time. The only thing that can take them to the next level is the twisted mohawk. I love how the sides are aligned close to the scalp, but the mohawk is left loose on top of her head.

2. Ponytail Mohawk

Multiple twisted dreads come together to give us this super cool hairstyle. The dreads start off thin and get thicker as they move toward the mohawk. Thin dreads are easier to play with to create the design at the front. If youre not sure about getting a full mohawk, opt for this look.

3. Braided Mohawk Updo
ishonest No.501 - Frizzy Hair

No.501 - Frizzy Hair

African women have always been known for styling their hair in stunning protective hairstyles. This is one of them. Can you believe that the purpose of these hairstyles was not solely to look good but to keep their hair away from their faces?

4. Intricately Looped Mohawk

Just when you thought the mohawk was simply a tuft of hair standing on top of your head, its taken up a few notches. This hairstyle is not only chic and intricate but also elegant. It is perfect for a formal event.

5. Aligned Mohawk

If you are all about clean lines when it comes to your hairstyles, Im sure you will find this one particularly pleasing. Its truly stunning how creative hairstylists are getting these days. This mohawk begins with thin cornrow braids that are perfectly aligned. Also, take note of the three different line patterns.

6. Curled Mohawk

This curled mohawk is beautiful and very easy to achieve. Braid your hair at the sides and the back in medium-sized cornrows. Braid them until you reach the top of your head. Instead of braiding the rest of the way down, curl the ends of your hair. Join the curls to create the mohawk.

7. Long Curls
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Mohawks are a great way to flaunt your naturally kinky locks. Braid curved cornrows to cover your head and leave the lower half of your hair loose. Gather all your loose hair to create a mohawk. Apply curl defining cream and wrap your curls in a scarf every night to add definition to your kinky curls.

8. Close Braided Mohawk

The best things about protective styles are hair extensions. They make your hair look thicker and longer. You dont even have to color your natural locks! This cool braided mohawk uses them to its advantage. The loose curls at the top that fall to the side add a nice touch to this look.

9. Big Braided Mohawk

Big braided mohawks are all the rage right. They look super cool yet elegant. You can flaunt one at any event, be it formal or casual. Partying all night with your girls? Sport the big braided mohawk and slay the style game!

10. Sewn Braids Mohawk

Black women truly know the power of hair accessories. The aim of a hair accessory is never to upstage the hairstyle but to accentuate it. Check out how the silver threads and beads accentuate this braided mohawk. Looks brilliant, right?

11. Front-To-Back Mohawk
ishonest No.312 - Prevent Acne

No.312 - Prevent Acne

This is a full-on punk rock version of a mohawk. Whoever said long hair cant be flaunted in a mohawk? It protects your hair and flaunts it at the same time.

12. Attached Braided Mohawk

Braid your hair in any protective style. Weave the braids up and close to the scalp, until you reach the top. Once at the top, weave the braids normally. Divide the braids into horizontal sections. Twist each section to form bantu knots that align to create a mohawk. Join the bantu knots together using bobby pins or U-pins.

13. Patterned Braided Mohawk

Patterns look interesting and intriguing. Its no wonder weve combined them with hairstyles to make them look cool. Take your braided mohawk up a few notches with some surreal patterns. Its time to get creative!

14. Feed-In Braided Mohawk

Mohawks dont have to be big and high. A subtle mohawk can make all the difference you need to jazz up your regular protective hairstyle. It will certainly make your hairdo look different!

15. Colored Braided Mohawks
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There is unity in diversity I have never seen a hairstyle prove that more! In this gorgeous look, big crochet braids form a mohawk while surrounded by thin cornrows. Throw in some colored extensions, and youve got a killer hairdo!

16. Tied-In Braided Mohawk

This low mohawk braid is perfect for women who have to follow a formal dress code at work. You can show off your edgy style without looking too over the top. Its the best blend of sophistication and style.

17. Single Braided Mohawk

This mohawk is super easy to achieve. Apply some strong-hold hair gel and comb your hair upwards. Weave the raised hair in a braid. You can take this style up a notch by doing a couple of cornrows on the sides.

18. Stretched Mohawk

Black braids meet grungy rock n roll in this hair look. This is one hairstyle that will let your stretched hair shine. This hairstyle is also commonly known as frohawk. Pretty cool, right?

19. Double Braided Mohawk
ishonest No.232 - Pigmentation & Blemishes

No.232 - Pigmentation & Blemishes

If you think a braided mohawk requires cornrows or other thin black braids, check this style out. A braid on top of a braid have been joined at the nape to form a single braid. The sides have been shaved off to finish off this awesome look. This just goes to show how versatile a braided mohawk can be.

20. Folded Braided Mohawk

Let your inner spirit queen shine through with this stunning folded braided mohawk. It is amazing what some black braids, hair extensions, accessories, and a creative mind can do. Floored!

21. Stretched Braided Mohawk

If you dont already own an afro hair pick, run out and get one immediately! This hairstyle uses the pick to pull the hair out the hair from the mohawk just a bit. It gives the mohawk a messy yet put together look.

22. Three-Layered Braided Mohawk

Yes, thats right! This braided mohawk is comprised of three layers of braids. Each braid is woven with hair extensions. Pick natural hair extensions over synthetic ones. Theyll give your hairstyle a more natural look.

23. Twisted Cornrows Braided Mohawk
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If youre looking for something cool and edgy, youve come to the right place. This braided mohawk is super modern and stylish. Weave your cornrows in a curved pattern to add a chic touch to this look.

24. Kinky Braided Mohawk

This braided mohawk is a brilliant hairstyle to show off your natural fro locks. Its blonde tips only add oodles of oomph to the entire hairstyle. Go for this look if you want to show off your natural locks while keeping them off your face.

25. Jumbo Braided Mohawk

The jumbo braided mohawk seems to be an all-time favorite hairstyle, and rightly so! It looks incredibly stylish and has a contemporary edge to it. Dont worry if you have short hair you can get this look with hair extensions.

26. Colored Braided Mohawk

Gather the braids at the front of your head and pull them back. Use pins to hold the braids in place. Form a fishtail braid that covers the pulled-back hair with the side braids. This hairstyle looks especially stunning when done with colored extensions.

27. Bantu Knots And Braided Mohawk
ishonest No.231 - Pigmentation & Blemishes

No.231 - Pigmentation & Blemishes

Braids and bantu knots are intricately woven into African heritage. I love that theyve been combined to form this lovely braided mohawk hairstyle. This ones a perfect hundred in my opinion.

28. Thin Curled Mohawk

Thin curls give the appearance of gelled or wet curls. Theyve been around for ages and look very cool. The side braids in this hairstyle really enhance the gelled effect of thin curls. It looks wonderful!

29. Curled Ends Braided Mohawk

African women are unparalleled when it comes to creativity in hairstyles. They embrace their heritage and flaunt it with style. I love how theyve jazzed up this regular mohawk with those curled ends and colorful threads.

30. Big Bun Braided Mohawk

This bun is an unconventional version of the braided mohawk. This hairstyle is graceful and perfect for any red carpet event. Imagine it paired with some red lipstick, minimal makeup, and a long flowing gown. A perfect ten!

Now that you have all the ideas pertaining to braided mohawks, get the ball rolling and start experimenting with them. Trust me when I say this you will never ever go wrong with these hairstyles. They are cool, always trendy, and easy to carry too. So, whats holding you back? Take your pick from the styles mentioned above and be the showstopper right away. Also, do not stop yourself from adding your own flavor to the hairstyles. Let your style bring out your personality better.

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