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From easy-to-use mists to instant glow pads, here's how to fake your way to radiant skin from 46% off

The trick to tanning the face well is to go as natural as possible. The aim of the game here is to have a believable glow that will have friends asking 'where have you been?' not 'what fake tan do you use?'. As Isle of Paradise founder, Jules Von Hep says: if you apply too much self-tan it will look unnatural. Think tanned, natural and effortless not tangoed.' So follow his general rule of thumb repeat after me, two coats on the body, one on the face.'

You Can Now Shop A Range Of Great Fake Tanners For Face In The Amazon Prime Day Sale

If you're new to Prime Day, make sure you're signed up for the free 30-day trial to Amazon Prime as you need to be a member to access this year's Prime Day deals. But once you're a member, you'll benefit from free next-day delivery on millions of items Summary: Ambre Solaire's plant based, Vegan formula is enriched with nourishing apricot oil, and gives a natural, sun kissed golden glow with no steaks or dark, orangey tones Product Details: Spray on the ultra fine mist sparingly, and results develop in an hour and will last up to a week. There's no need to rub in, just apply one layer and allow to develop, the mist is buildable and can be layered up for a more intense colour Pros and Cons: Super easy to apply, but does not contain UV protection, so layer over (or under) your usual SPF with UV coverage. Buy today on Prime Day and save 4.09 (48% off) Summary: A lightweight face tanning mist for a natural glow, ideal for dry skin typesProduct Details: Green mandarin water, hyaluronic acid and tropical hibiscus flower extract refresh the skin as well as creating a barrier to combat the effects of pollution and environmental aggressors. The transparent formula also means there is no transfer and need to rinse, simply spritz under or over make-upPros and Cons: The delicious tropical fragrance smells like holiday in a bottleBuy today on Prime Day and save 10.28 (47% off) Summary: A nourishing, creamy formula rather than a mist, the St Tropez gradual tanning cream gradually builds colour as well as softening the skin Product Details: Quick-drying, non greasy and non-pore blocking, it can also be used as a hydrating, priming make up base or everyday facial moisturiser. Pros and Cons: A gentle and replenishing tanning cream with vitamin E to take care of skin rather than just adding colour Buy today on Prime Day and save 6.78 (47% off) Summary: A micro-diffusion spray for express tanning on the goProduct Details: Spray continuously in circular movements for a streak free, bronze tan that can be washed off as easily as it is applied for a short term dose of warmthPros and Cons: Non transfer, so wont leave brown marks on your clothing!Buy today on Prime Day and save 6.00 (46% off)

SHOP: Our Self-Tanning Favourites

Summary: Packed with hyaluronic acid, this lightweight formula plumps and hydrates skin whilst delivering a natural, golden glow that's completely steak- free.Product detail: Once exfoliated and moisturised, glide on the product with a mitt ensuring skin in covered.

Summary: We could go on and on about how brilliant this self-tan is. But, all you really need to know is that it lends skin an even, deep, believable tan that will have everyone asking, 'where have you been?'Product detail: This foam tan is best used after exfoliating the morning or evening before applying. It lasts for up to a week, with a fast development time of four-six hours.

Summary: Full of hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients to give you the perfect glow. It is easy to apply and buildable which allows you to use until you're feeling bronzed.Product detail: Apply the lotion evenly onto smooth, dry skin in circular motions. Ensure all skin is covered and wait until it is dry. The lotion can be used as often as needed to get your tan topped up.

Summary: A-list tanning expert, Amanda Harrington, has bottled her secret with this facial tanning mist. The idea is to use the brush, spritz it with tan, then buff it in for the most even tan yet.Product detail: After moisturising, apply the face mist onto a brush and dap off any excess. Lightly brush the product across the cheekbones, up to the forehead, whilst buffing into the hair line. Apply a small amount in circular motions to the neck and dcolletage.

Summary: Cult tanning brand Isle of Paradise's Ultra Dark Mousse is your go- to if you want intense, deep results within 10 minutes. Although you'll have a dark tan, this eco-friendly product can leave you with a light conscience as it's cruelty-free, vegan, organic and just to top it off smells like coconut, rather than biscuits.Product detail: Exfoliate 24 hours before tanning. When applying moisturise dry areas before application. Pump the product onto a mitt, apply to the skin using broad strokes. Leave feet and hands until last and lightly sweep over them.

Summary: If you're in a rush, this quick-drying formula is the one. It develops into a deep tan (their darkest formula yet) with dual action tanning actives.Product detail: Apply product liberally to mitt, and use long sweeping motions on the skin. The remaining product on the mitt can be used for face, elbows and knees. Re-apply after 30 minutes for deeper tan and wait at least six hours before washing off.

Summary: A hydrating facial oil and fake tan all in one. Apply a few drops before bed and wake-up to a healthy, believable, bronzed glow.Product detail: This product combats problem areas whilst giving your face a tanned glow. To use, apply three to six drops directly onto the skin, in the evening, and gently massage into the skin.

Summary: The enriching jojoba oil extract in Nip + Fab's new oil will keep your skin super soft while providing a radiant, bronzed tint to suit every skin tone.Product detail: Shake before use and simply apply to the areas that you want to highlight and give a bronzed glow.

Summary: With no need to rinse off and a speedy dry time of 2 minutes, you can spritz, blend and go, for maximum efficiency. There's even a free tanning mitt.Product detail: Lightweight water-to-foam tanning product, applied in upward circular motion until areas of the skin is covered. Wait until dry to get dressed and leave to develop for six to eight hours.

Summary: Bali Body's best-selling mousse is 100% vegan, natural and provides that Bali radiance without the air fare.Product detail: After the tan has been applied, leave the product to develop for the length of time for your desired look. Wash after one hour for a light tan, four hours for medium tan and eight hour for the deepest tan.

Summary: By using organic botanical soaked cloths (that are also 100% biodegradable) Vita Liberata has rolled a skin treatment and golden tan solution all into one. And with ingredients to rival an acai bowl recipe, you'll not only be ready for a holiday in Bali but your skin will smell practically good enough to eat.Product detail: Use the first tanning cloth to apply onto your face, working your way down your neck, dcolletage and arms. Use a second tanning cloth to tan your legs and stomach. The tan will start to develop after four to eight hours.

Summary: You can possess that unattainable (until now) and luminous glow to rival Charlotte's A-List client list. The light-reflecting pigments give skin a lovely finish, while hidden caffeine extracts reduce any signs of puffiness.Product detail: Using the roll-on applicator, apply the product down the centre of your arms and legs to the areas where the light hits the skin for a glowing finish.

Summary: The Aussies have tanning down to a T, as proven by Bondi Sands' Liquid Gold. Packed with Argan Oil, this foam guarantees not only a rich tan, but a gleaming, luxurious sheen to the skin, too.Product detail: No need for showering after application, simply apply the product generously in long sweeping motions across the body and using the excess for face, elbow and knees. Wait for the skin to be touch dry.

The Best Self-Tanners For Your Face

Amanda Harrington's range is unrivalled when it comes to tanning the face. After you've applied the Illuminating Bronzing Mist, use the Face Buffer Brush to blend for the most even tan of your life. There's even a Pre-Colour Primer, which creates the optimal base for your tan and also contains low-level tanning agents to extend the life of your glow.

So much more than a faux glow, this skin-savvy formula is loaded with vitamins to brighten skin from the inside out. Except a real glow to develop with time too.

This will give a natural glow, as if you've spent a weekend poolside in St Tropez. Simply mix 1-4 drops of the bronzing liquid into your usual facial moisturiser and apply evenly over the face. Leave on overnight to wake up with luminous skin.

This is the product for you if you want minimal faff and maximum results. Not only does this exfoliate your face, buffing away dead skin cells, it also decongests your pores for smoother skin. It contains a whole load of antioxidants and is extremely travel-friendly a good one to pack in your carry-on if you're short of space!

Founded by spray tan wunderkind Jules von Hepp, Isle of Paradise is full of hero products that suit every skin type. The drops, however, are particularly special and certainly one to use if you're a tanning novice. They come in light, medium and dark. Jules himself recommends adding 2-3 drops into your daily moisturiser and then sweeping the product over your skin in upward motions don't forget the dcolletage!

A really easy product to use, simply spritz and go no need to wash off. Trust the tanning experts at St Tropez to produce a product free from that notorious 'fake tan smell'. This tan has an uplifting tropical scent that will have you thinking about booking your next holiday in the sun.

If you're looking for a believable bronzing fix, look no further than Sisley's Self Tanning Skin Care. This one hydrates like a moisturiser whilst developing into a deep, golden, sun kissed glow.

For a daily dose of golden glow, spritz this incredible tanning mist all over the face in circular motions. Within a few hours you'll notice the tan develop for a believable sun-kissed finish. Choose between light, medium and dark.

A multi-tasker in the truest sense, this product contains retinol to promote cell turn over and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, all while giving you a healthy glow. But best of all? The gel is colourless and has been formulated to protect both clothing and linen.

A toner and tan in one! Use a cotton pad or your hands to apply, making sure you work it into your hairline, ears and down your neck. For optimum results leave 4-6 hours before applying your favourite moisturiser on top.

This multi-tasker is perfect for the perpetually busy, combining skin care and tanning into one seamless experience. This lightweight serum gives a subtle glow and has solid skin care credentials to back it up -hyaluronic acid to hydrate, algae to detoxify and plant stem cells to rejuvenate. This formula is also vegan and reef-friendly, giving a tan you can feel really good about.

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