Lengthening Mascara: Get Longer, Fluffier Lashes with Extra Flutter with These Top Picks

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Finding the best lengthening mascara is an ongoing endeavor for many of us. Whether you prefer natural-looking formulas or one that gives mega volume as well as flutter, now's the perfect time to opt for mascaras that add precious extra centimeters to your lash line.

There is no shortage of good formulas to choose from with respect to the best mascara offerings available out there, but whatever your lash type, we recommend IT Cosmetics Superhero: It helps pack on the drama, while lengthening and giving your lashes a nice flirty curl. Alternatively, if you're after a luxe pick, then Diorshow Pump 'N' Volume ticks all the boxes, with its premium packaging, dramatic finish, and long-lasting resilience. But if it's a drugstore mascara you're after, then for long-lasting, clump-free length and volume at a reasonable price, we suggest bulk-buying Max Factor Masterpiece Max, because once you try it, you won't ever let it go.

How to choose the best lengthening mascara

Just as you would consider your skin type when picking out the best foundation, thinking about your lash type is equally important when choosing the best lengthening mascara. Those with fine lashes will definitely want to go for a buildable formula, where you can layer on volume without clumping, while thicker-lash types are lucky enough to be able to go for pretty much anything but watch out for any formulas that are heavy, as they can weigh your eyelashes down.

Look at both the brush and the formula when choosing the best lengthening mascara as well as in one that gives volume, advises Bobbi Brown senior pro artist Warren Dowdall. The best all-round mascaras for length and volume will be a marriage of a layerable formula and a brush with a thicker base to comb evenly through the lashes from root to tip, while also having a tapered tip to grab small, hard-to-reach lashes on the inner corner. This will allow you more control and buildability to really create a bespoke finish.

One of my top expert tricks when it comes to mascara is not to be afraid to layer up, adds Warren, explaining that a dramatic and lengthening mascara can be topped with a long-wearing waterproof favorite. This way, you get the drama and length of the smokey eye with the hold power of a no-smudge formulathe dream combo!

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