Benefits of Using Burdock Root Tea As a Detox

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To do this, I turned to my journal and tuned into my body. In my journal, I wrote down my reflections of this year- accomplishments I have achieved and the hard-learned lessons. As I tuned into my body, I heard her desire to release toxins through a deep cleansing. I believe that cleansing the body is not only good for my physical health, but also removes energetic blocks holding me back from money.

My process for removing toxins in my body is through sweaty workouts and following a detox-like diet. I know that detoxing is not for everyone, but it works for me. My approach to detoxing depends on the season and how I'm feeling. With this fall season, I have been drawn to teas and herbs. One of the teas that I am drinking this season is burdock root tea. I drink one cup every other day, or every few days. It is very bitter and a strong diuretic, so I limit myself to one cup on any given day.

Burdock root is a vegetable that is native to northern Asia and Europe. It is a genus of weeds that are related to sunflowers and part of the daisy family. It can be consumed as a root vegetable similar to a potato. It can also be boiled in hot water and consumed as a tea.

The burdook root has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is believed to kill bad bacteria, purify or detoxify the blood of impurities, reduce inflammation that cause autoimmune diseases, treat skin issues such as acne and eczema, and possibly prevent cancer. I am not a medical doctor and can not verify this information to be true, but I have been drinking burdock root tea for detoxing purposes for the last few years and absolutely love how it makes me feel.

I purchase my burdock root at a local herb store. If you do not have access to an herb store, you can find burdock tea bags on Amazon.

To prepare the tea, I use a glass tea pot that has a stainless steel diffuser. I fill the diffuser with the burdock root. This week I mixed the burdock root with a chai ginger blend. I fill the tea pot with water and place it on the stove over low heat for fifteen or so minutes until it starts boiling. The teapot makes about four cups, so I have about four days worth of tea. I keep the tea pot in the fridge and pour a cup of tea either mid morning or early evening, depending on what I feel like that day.

Burdock root is a diuretic, so after a few days there is definitely some cleansing. And this year, I have noticed my skin going through a cleansing as well. My pores are larger and I've had a couple of uncharacteristic breakouts which I will attribute to the toxins in my skin forcing their way up and out of my skin. I know, such a pleasant experience. Ha!

But, in the past I've found it to be rewarding and I expect this year to be the same. My body will feel lighter and my skin will be super glowy.

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